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Survivor Spoilers: Worlds Apart Reward Challenge – Week 7

Survivor 2015 castaways face another Reward Challenge this week as the newly minted ‘Merica tribe competes for a luxury prize in “Anchorman.”

Carolyn Rivera faces another Survivor challenge

Carolyn Rivera faces another Survivor challenge – Source: CBS

All of the remaining Survivor castaways will start out on a balance beam featuring three tied on bags of puzzle pieces. They’ll race across the beams collecting one bag on each pass. First three to finish this stage will move on.

At the second phase of the challenge we’ll see those three players assemble an anchor puzzle fitted in to its table. First player to finish the puzzle wins Reward with Immunity yet to come. Check out the pictures and video preview below.

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Who Is Left On Survivor 2015: Worlds Apart – Week 7

Only 11 castaways remain on Survivor 2015 as we close in on the season finale in May where one ‘Merica tribe member will walk away the Sole Survivor and winner of a million dollar prize. They just have to survive a three-way onslaught of attacks as tribes compete and even turn on themselves.

Tyler Fredrickson & Joe Anglim on Survivor 2015

Tyler Fredrickson & Joe Anglim on Survivor 2015 – Source: CBS

The theme this week will have some focus on the Hidden Immunity Idol now that Jenn Brown’s timely and well played use of her own Immunity Idol has put a fire under the castaways feet. Don’t forget that Carolyn Rivera still has her Idol tucked away for a rainy Tribal Council day too.

There’s also some more potential excitement with Rodney Lavoie seeking revenge and hoping to overthrow Mike Holloway who we perceives as running their Blue Collar tribe in to the ground. Could Mike be next on the chopping block list?

Here’s a look at the 11 castaways still on the Survivor 2015 Worlds Apart beach ahead of Wednesday night’s episode at 8/7c on CBS. Find us on Facebook, Twitter, and by Email for more Survivor fun.

Merged Tribe – Merica:

Survivor 2015 Week 6 Tribal Council vote:


Survivor 2015 Worlds Apart: Power Rankings Week 7

Survivor 2015 Worlds Apart is all one world as the tribes merged last week and adopted the ridiculous name “Merica.” So now we get into the real Power Rankings. Now is when we can really start looking at who has what it takes to go all the way. Or at least who is dominating the rankings this week.

Tribal Council for the Survivor tribe

So lets get to it.

1. Tyler. Making the biggest leap of the week is Tyler. He went from the bottom of his tribe last week to the top of the merged tribe this week. I struggled with naming him or Carolyn as the top spot holder, but I decided to go with Tyler. He’s going to easily be the swing vote this week, which gives him a lot of power. And as long as he chooses he right half to side with, he could ride that wave a bit.

2. Carolyn. She’s still got the idol, so if she has any suspicions things aren’t going her way, she can pull it out. But even without the idol, she’s in a more than fine spot right now. And it’s starting to look like she might be fine for a long while.

3. Sierra. As long as her former blues are still holding on to their original alliance, Sierra is in a great spot. She’s definitely not going to be the next to go among them, so she’s pretty powerful in the game right now.

4. Dan. He might be super annoying, but he’s unfortunately not worth anyone’s time at the moment. So Dan is sitting pretty high up on the rankings.

5. Mike. So Mike is running the former blues (despite what Rodney thinks), so unless Tyler and a few others decide Mike is the way to go this week, I think he’s pretty safe in the middle of the rankings.

6. Rodney. His time is definitely running out, but I think he’s got a good shot at seeing things play out how he wants this week.

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Next Time On Survivor 2015: ‘Keep It Real’ For Worlds Apart

Next time on Survivor 2015 the merged tribes continue to go through their growing pains as Rodney Lavoie continues his pursuit of tearing down Blue Collar from the inside out.

Shirin Oskooi & Joe Anglim plot on Survivor 2015

Shirin Oskooi & Joe Anglim plot on Survivor 2015 – Source: CBS

We saw Kelly Remington voted out when Jenn Brown wisely played her Immunity Idol and snuffed out the plans to eliminate her from the Merica tribe. Now with Blue Collar already out one player it looks like Rodney isn’t going to wait for a second elimination.

Can Rodney pull off his plan of targeting Mike Holloway? Will Sims looks ready to join the Rodney Ranks and follow orders, but how well can things work out when your right hand man is Will? Hopefully it works out great for us watching at home!

Check out these sneak peek pics from Survivor 2015’s Episode 8 on Worlds Apart heading our way next Wednesday night on CBS.

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Survivor 2015: Tribes Merge & An Idol Blindside – Episode 7 Gallery

Welcome to ‘Merica The Merged on Survivor 2015. Yes, that’s the newly merged tribes name: Merica. Sigh. Thankfully the rest of last night’s Survivor was far more interesting and exciting with a well played Immunity Idol that flipped big plans.

Survivor 2015 Episode 07 - 'Merica The Merged

Survivor 2015 Episode 07 – ‘Merica The Merged – Source: CBS

After Joe Anglim secured his safety with a win in the first Individual Immunity challenge of the Survivor season things were looking like we’d get an interesting face off. Two sides were emerging and only one of them could come off with the win last night.

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Jenn Brown caught wind of a dangerous plan so she played her Idol and wiped out the numerous votes against her. Kelly Remington fell victim to the Idol and was sent packing. I’m still not sure why Jenn and Hali didn’t go after a bigger, tougher target, but I guess they thought Kelly, who could barely win a challenge thrown to her, was the real threat.

Of course next week Jenn and Hali’s luck of Idol safety has run out which could put them right back at the bottom of the totem pole on Survivor 2015.

Scroll through the gallery of pics from last night’s Survivor Worlds Apart for a look back at this week’s episode.

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