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Tonight On Survivor 2014: Blood Vs Water Episode 13

Tonight on Survivor 2014 there’s going to be plenty of drama as we’re just days away from the remaining Blood Vs Water castaways reaching the season finale.

Natalie Anderson on Survivor 2014

Natalie Anderson on Survivor 2014 – Source: CBS

Six castaways are left on Survivor and someone has to go home tonight when they return to Tribal Council, but now there may be another reason: medevac.

In last week’s “next time on” clip we saw Missy had an injury that would require her to be pulled from the game for more examination. According to the CBS episode details, it’s an ankle injury and possibly one sustained during the Reward Challenge where we saw her crash against the wood structure. Despite all that, I do not expect Missy to bail this close to the end. I’d drag myself to Tribal if I was just days from the finish line.

Speaking of Tribal, Natalie remains on her mission to get Jon voted out and she’s going to be working hard tonight to position herself for that to happen. First things first, Natalie has to lie her way out of a corner after voting out Alec when their plan had been to send Keith home. Does she pull off her big blindside plans?

CBS could be teasing us, and I think we’ve all come to expect fakeouts from them, but the episode description says: “A shocking tribal council leads to one of the biggest blindsides of the season.” Hmm. What do you think will happen? Is it finally Jon’s time to go?

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Get ready to join us tonight starting at 8PM ET for a new episode of Survivor as we close in on the season finale. This should be good!

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Natalie Lies Her Way Out Of Vote-Flip On Survivor

Natalie just can’t catch a break on Survivor 2014 as she keeps aiming to get Jon voted off Huyopa before reaching the finale. Now after a surprise move at Tribal Council she’ll have to lie her way out of a tough spot.

Survivor 2014 - Natalie covers her vote-flip against Alec

Survivor 2014 – Natalie covers her vote-flip against Alec – Source: CBS

Arriving back at the Survivor camp, thanks to the preview clip at the end of the video below, we see Jaclyn and Missy confront Natalie. “Did Alec vote for himself?” asks Jaclyn. Oh, Jaclyn.

Natalie doesn’t admit to anything and chalks it up to confusion. She tells Jon and Jaclyn that no one came and checked with her so she just got confused and thought she was supposed to vote against Alec along with the two of them.

Baylor joins the discussion and keeps her mouth shut. She knows this is a lie, but no one else is picking up on the deceit. Looks like Baylor is keeping this plan secret from her mom, Missy, as well. Interesting.

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Survivor 2014 Spoilers: Reward Challenge – Week 12

After over thirty days on the beaches of Survivor 2014 these final six castaways need a Reward and luxury prize more than ever. Here’s a look at their next chance.

Survivor 2014 - Episode 13 Reward Challenge

Survivor 2014 – Episode 13 Reward Challenge – Source: CBS

This Reward challenge apparently goes a little brutal when Missy gets injured falling over the railings and possibly again enough to threaten a medical withdrawal from the game. Considering she gets knocked around in this comp, I’d put my chips on the yellow team winning this one.

The six players will be split in to two teams of three each and race across the playing field to obstacle stations along the way. They’ve got to climb through a hay pile, over and under some wooden bars (this is where Missy eats it) before reaching some activity stops along the way. I think we can expect some puzzles to slow their pace somewhere in here, right?

The teams are split with Missy, Jon, and Keith on the blue team then Baylor, Natalie, and Jaclyn on the other side. If Missy does get hurt here then I’d expect that to stop Blue enough for the Yellow ladies to win this one. Now if someone goes giving their reward away to one of those losers… grrr. I’m not much for that whole aspect going on so much.

Check out the pictures below and get ready for this week’s Survivor 2014 episode:

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Update: Video added with Jeff walking us through how tonight’s Reward goes:


Next Time On Survivor 2014: Does Missy Quit Over Medical Emergency?

At the end of last week’s Survivor episode we saw a preview clip promising a potential medical emergency that might force Missy Payne out of the game. But will that happen?

Baylor Payne cries on Survivor 2014

Baylor Payne cries on Survivor 2014 – Source: CBS

From the clip we saw Missy tethered to Keith and Jon in the Reward challenge as they climbed over a rail only to next see Missy fall directly on to the beam in front of her. Initially I thought she clipped her head on the bar, but during a rewind look it seems to have been her chest instead. So that wasn’t the injury that put her in limbo.

Next thing we see is Missy sitting on the ground with Jeff and the medical examiner telling Missy she’ll need to be taken out of the game for further examination to tell if there’s more damage. Sounds like a separate event may have caused a misstep for Missy and possibly a leg injury as a result.

So will Missy bail on the game? I don’t think so. For one she’s doing a fake cry of “it’s so frustrating!” in the clip and if you’re seriously hurt like with a broken leg you’re not going to debate whether or not to get help. Of course Tyson stayed in with a seriously injured arm and clearly that worked out pretty well for him.

We’ll find out for sure on Wednesday night’s Survivor whether or not Missy dropped out of the game, but I’ll be shocked if that happens. CBS loves to head fake us on things in those commercials and I’m guessing that’s another round of it going on right here.

What do you think will happen? Would Missy leave this close to the Survivor finale?


Who Is Left On Survivor 2014 Blood Vs Water Week 12?

Six castaways remain on Survivor as we’re just a few episodes away from the season finale and finding out who won Survivor 2014!

Survivor Blood Vs Water - Jeff Probst hosts Exile Island challenge

Survivor Blood Vs Water – Jeff Probst awaits the next elimination – Source: CBS

After last week’s double down of eliminations we’re down to a small handful of players but still some opportunities for a blindside or two if Natalie’s plan finally takes hold.

There are two couples and two singles left on Survivor. Missy and Baylor are up against Jon and Jaclyn while Natalie and Keith are our wildcards heading in to the final stretch. Either way, those should get pretty exciting and fun to watch.

Just a few more days until we find out what happens next and I’ll be watching for sneak peeks to share as we close in on Wednesday’s new Survivor episode.

Who is left on Survivor 2014 Blood Vs Water? Here’s a rundown of the remaining castaways going in to Week 12:

Huyopa Tribe:

  • Baylor Wilson
  • Missy Payne
  • Jaclyn Schultz
  • Jon Misch
  • Reed Kellyvoted off last week
  • Natalie Anderson
  • Alec Christyvoted off last week
  • Keith Nale

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