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Next Time On Survivor 2014: Does Missy Quit Over Medical Emergency?

At the end of last week’s Survivor episode we saw a preview clip promising a potential medical emergency that might force Missy Payne out of the game. But will that happen?

Baylor Payne cries on Survivor 2014

Baylor Payne cries on Survivor 2014 – Source: CBS

From the clip we saw Missy tethered to Keith and Jon in the Reward challenge as they climbed over a rail only to next see Missy fall directly on to the beam in front of her. Initially I thought she clipped her head on the bar, but during a rewind look it seems to have been her chest instead. So that wasn’t the injury that put her in limbo.

Next thing we see is Missy sitting on the ground with Jeff and the medical examiner telling Missy she’ll need to be taken out of the game for further examination to tell if there’s more damage. Sounds like a separate event may have caused a misstep for Missy and possibly a leg injury as a result.

So will Missy bail on the game? I don’t think so. For one she’s doing a fake cry of “it’s so frustrating!” in the clip and if you’re seriously hurt like with a broken leg you’re not going to debate whether or not to get help. Of course Tyson stayed in with a seriously injured arm and clearly that worked out pretty well for him.

We’ll find out for sure on Wednesday night’s Survivor whether or not Missy dropped out of the game, but I’ll be shocked if that happens. CBS loves to head fake us on things in those commercials and I’m guessing that’s another round of it going on right here.

What do you think will happen? Would Missy leave this close to the Survivor finale?


Who Is Left On Survivor 2014 Blood Vs Water Week 12?

Six castaways remain on Survivor as we’re just a few episodes away from the season finale and finding out who won Survivor 2014!

Survivor Blood Vs Water - Jeff Probst hosts Exile Island challenge

Survivor Blood Vs Water – Jeff Probst awaits the next elimination – Source: CBS

After last week’s double down of eliminations we’re down to a small handful of players but still some opportunities for a blindside or two if Natalie’s plan finally takes hold.

There are two couples and two singles left on Survivor. Missy and Baylor are up against Jon and Jaclyn while Natalie and Keith are our wildcards heading in to the final stretch. Either way, those should get pretty exciting and fun to watch.

Just a few more days until we find out what happens next and I’ll be watching for sneak peeks to share as we close in on Wednesday’s new Survivor episode.

Who is left on Survivor 2014 Blood Vs Water? Here’s a rundown of the remaining castaways going in to Week 12:

Huyopa Tribe:

  • Baylor Wilson
  • Missy Payne
  • Jaclyn Schultz
  • Jon Misch
  • Reed Kellyvoted off last week
  • Natalie Anderson
  • Alec Christyvoted off last week
  • Keith Nale

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Survivor 2014 Blood Vs Water: Episode 12 In Pictures

CBS has released the second batch of photos from this week’s Survivor 2014 part two of the double elimination event on Wednesday.

Survivor 2014 - Episode 12 photos

Survivor 2014 – Episode 12 photos – Source: CBS

With Reed sent off to Ponderosa it was Alec and Keith left to be picked off by the controlling alliance unless Natalie’s sneaky plan pulled off a blindside. Unfortunately for her hopes and our entertainment, things fell apart when Keith was nudged out by Jon for Immunity.

Fattened up for slaughter thanks to Natalie’s Reward challenge win Jon ended up heading in to the vote with safety and Alec was sent packing. Check out all the photos from CBS for this week’s second episode of Survivor.

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Survivor Blood Vs Water 2: Alec Christy Arrives At Ponderosa [VIDEO]

Following close behind Reed’s elimination this week came Alec Christy’s vote-out as well after a surprise flip by Natalie sent him packing. Arriving at Ponderosa Alec seems to be most interested in how he measures up to Jeremy’s game.

Alec Christy arrives at Survivor 2014 Ponderosa

Alec Christy arrives at Survivor 2014 Ponderosa – Source: CBS

As Alec heads in to the jungle he realizes someone must have flipped in their vote as he felt very confident he’d be safe for at least a little while longer. Turns out he lost more than just Survivor though as he’s weighed in with more than twenty pounds lost in his thirty days on the beach.

Arriving at Ponderosa Alec is greeted by smiles and beer which makes him very happy. Soon the conversations turn to what went wrong and how he couldn’t turn Jon and get him to play the game Alec wanted him to play. Jeremy tells us it was the same challenge he faced trying to get Alec to play as well.

The battle to compare their games continue as we hear from both Jeremy and Alec as to why they played better than the other. Seems that unlike Reed’s “it’s over, it was a game” attitude there’s still some resentment harboring in a few of the Survivor Jurors at Ponderosa.

Watch the full video below of Alec Christy joining Ponderosa and see what everyone had to say.

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Survivor Blood Vs Water 2: Reed Kelly Arrives At Ponderosa [VIDEO]

“Your dad ruined the whole thing,” Reed Kelly tells Wes Nale upon his arrival at Survivor’s Ponderosa. Hah. Yep. Reed truly isn’t bitter though as he settles in to the good life of resort living after his elimination from Blood Vs Water this week.

Reed Kelly at Survivor Ponderosa

Reed Kelly at Survivor Ponderosa – Source: CBS

Reed says he wasn’t surprised by these events at all as he walks in to the jungle following his vote-out by the Huyopa tribe. He knew this was coming for some time but put up a good fight to delay it when he could.

Arriving at Ponderosa Reed is greeted by his predecessors with big hugs and lots of good food to eat. The talk turns to that ill-fated Tribal Council where things fell apart. Wes says he told his day to play it cool no matter what was said and Keith had agreed. Seems he forgot later that night.

The eliminated castaways are surprised by an excursion the next day to celebrate Josh’s birthday and everyone gets to go along. They take a fishing trip out on to the water and though they come back without any fish Josh assures us fun was had by all.

Reed says it was a challenge for him at the Tribe Swap when he had to sort of hand his game over to Josh and trust in him, but he’s glad they had the opportunity to work together in the game and now hang out together at Ponderosa.

Watch the full video below of Reed’s trip to Ponderosa and see how he settles in.

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