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Who Is Left On Survivor 2015: Worlds Apart – Week 12

Only six castaways remain on Survivor 2015 as Worlds Apart approaches its finale later this month and the pressure continues to build within an alliance that just voted out one of its own.

Survivor 2015 castaways Carolyn, Sierra, and Mike

Survivor 2015 castaways Carolyn, Sierra, and Mike – Source: CBS

Tyler Fredrickson came up with the short straw last week when the tribe surprised him with a vote, though later in his Ponderosa video he suggested he wasn’t really blindsided. All the same, Tyler will be watching from the sidelines and helping to pick another winner.

Mike’s Immunity Idol is done and gone which means he’ll need to either win immunity or talk his way in to safety for another round. Will anyone on Merica want to keep him around for the chance to get rid of a bigger threat? Carolyn already flipped on her closest ally, so maybe she’ll do the same to someone she likes even less.

Check out who is left and guess who could be this season’s Sole Survivor from Worlds Apart.

Merged Tribe – Merica:

Who do you hope is the next to go on this week’s Tribal vote?

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Survivor 2015: Tyler Fredrickson Arrives At Ponderosa

This week’s Ponderosa video for Survivor 2015 stars Shirin with brief appearances by Tyler Fredrickson, who actually happens to be the player voted off Survivor this week.

Tyler Fredrickson at Survivor Ponderosa

Tyler Fredrickson at Survivor Ponderosa – Source: CBS

Leaving Tribal Council Tyler explains he’s not nearly as quiet and back row in his real life as he was on Survivor, but with so many big personalities he thought it best to stay back and in the shadows for his game. It did work pretty well for quite a long time.

Tyler lost around thirty pounds during his time on Survivor but he’s ready to earn that back with some good eating at the resort. But before he can do that… Shirin. Shirin isn’t happy with Tyler. Well, she 80% likes him, 10% isn’t sure, 10% doesn’t like him, and another 100% confident that he’s a terrible person for not saving her from Will’s verbal attacks.

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Survivor 2015: Episode 12 Gallery: Blindsides & Birthdays

Last night on Survivor 2015 we had a fun mix of birthday sadness and blindside gladness. Rodney just wanted someone to love him and Tyler just wanted someone else to be voted out. Maybe next time.

Survivor 2015 castaways head to Tribal Council

Survivor 2015 castaways head to Tribal Council – Source: CBS

This week’s reward sent Mike, Carolyn, and Sierra off to a support local children with games and toys while also getting a chance to enjoy a big meal and rest up for the Immunity Challenge ahead. That challenge went to Carolyn for the second straight week which forced Mike to play his Idol to stay in the game.

Tyler came out on the short side of the voting stick leaving Dan and his vote advantage around for at least another week. It was a surprising move for Carolyn to have voted out her close ally and we’ll have to see if that comes back to haunt her on Survivor Worlds Apart.

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Survivor 2015 Worlds Apart: Tyler Fredrickson ‘Day After’ Interview

Survivor 2015 said goodbye to Tyler Fredrickson during Wednesday night’s tribal council, leaving us with the World’s Apart Final 6. After his elimination, he sat down for his “Day After” interview and like most players, he doesn’t have too many regrets


“I don’t have very many regrets,” he says. “I knew I was going to be a physical threat. But I came in and suddenly found out there were all these other guys there — big, loud, brash … I found that there was something about the middle space where I could connect with the people who didn’t necessarily have a voice. I found more of subtle, quiet game.”

Tyler says he definitely found himself playing a different game. He wasn’t didn’t play the alpha male game he expect and he also found himself telling the truth a lot, which he also didn’t expect.

“I didn’t lie much at all,” Tyler said. “I found that honesty got me a lot further than anything. I didn’t do a lot of strategizing. I found that the team-type unity really pulled me through. It got me through the front half of the merge.”

He does admit that he might wish he had pulled a few dirty tricks, however, like revealing Carolyn had the hidden immunity idol or that Dan has the extra tribal vote.

“When I look at it now, maybe I wish I would’ve blown up a few things,” he says “… but these were also things at the time didn’t make sense  for me to reveal.”

Watch Tyler’s Survivor Worlds Apart exit interview below.

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Survivor Results: Who Was Voted Off Last Night? 5/6/2015

Survivor 2015 continued last night in its final weeks with seven castaways set to bristle at the fallout of the previous Tribal Council where cracks emerged and fellow allies names were scribbled on the parchment. It’s time to find out who fall victim to the cause.

Jeff Probst at Survivor 2015 Tribal Council

Jeff Probst at Survivor 2015 Tribal Council – Source: CBS

Mike pulled off a huge win last week and he’ll want to do it again with the next Immunity Challenge forcing each castaway to hang on to a rope for dear life lest they get soaked in the ocean and the next Tribal.

We’ll also be watching as the winner of this week’s Reward Challenge heads in to town to deliver goods to the local children in what’s always a feel good moment of the Survivor season.

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Reward Challenge:
Will Sims was not selected to play the game, shocking I know. Teams of 3 with Sierra, Mike, and Carolyn on Red then Tyler, Dan, and Rodney on Blue.

Red has a lead after the May pole and in to building the ladder to the bag of goodies. They’ve also got their bag of balls just ahead of Blue but it gets worse for Blue when Rodney forgot to bring the balls with him. Oops.

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