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Next Time On Survivor 2014 – Cagayan Episode 03

Next time on Survivor 2014 the Aparri Tribe looks to oust a member with a thrown challenge because when you’re winning and dominating the game it’s a great idea to screw with a successful formula, right??

Survivor 2014 - Aparri tribemates

Survivor 2014 – Aparri tribemates – Source: CBS

In the video clip below we see Sarah telling Woo that they need to get rid of “him” by throwing the next Immunity Challenge. Considering Sarah’s cop-alliance with Tony I don’t think she means him so that leaves Cliff since she’s talking to Woo.

So Aparri wants to throw out Cliff which seems like a terrible idea this early when you’re doing so well. I hope this blows up in their face and takes one of them out instead.

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Check out pictures & preview clip from the upcoming Survivor 2014 episode next week.

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Survivor 2014 Cagayan Episode 3 Preview:


Survivor 2014: Brice Johnston ‘The Day After’ Interview [VIDEO]

Brice Johnston was voted off Survivor last night and he took it really well. Now in his “The Day After” exit interview we find out why he thinks he was targeted and if you’re thinking it was because of his incredible fashion sense, then yes, he would agree.

Brice is voted off Survivor

There’s a little bit of a disconnect between reality and Brice here in his interview, but hey, did you really expect anything different? Brice doesn’t seem bitter at all which is good and he credits LJ with getting him out, but he says it was because LJ was jealous of his social game and fashion. Yes, his incredible marooned on a beach fashion sense.

Brice’s favorite moment in his time there was win they won their challenge which was definitely an impressive win by Solana. It’s unfortunate for him they couldn’t keep that momentum rolling during the third challenge.

Anyway, it’s entertaining and worth watching if you can make it through four and a half minutes of it.

Brice Johnston ‘The Day After’ Survivor Exit Interview:

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Survivor 2014 Cagayan Episode 2 Pictures

Solana goes to Tribal Council

Now that was a fun episode of Survivor 2014 last night with the second Cagayan show of the season. We saw Luzon pull off a recovery victory after two straight losses in a really cool challenge.

Check out these pics from last night’s episode of Survivor and then get ready for a new show next week as Appari continues to lead with the most tribe members left across the board. But can they keep that streak going?

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Image credit: Monty Brinton / CBS

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Survivor Spoilers: Who Went Home Last Night? 3/5/2014

Results and spoilers ahead tonight on Survivor 2014 with the second Cagayan episode and third round of eliminations. Once a player is voted off Survivor that is it for them and they are gone with no Redemption Island arena in play this season.

Survivor 2014 Tribal Council

Survivor 2014 Tribal Council – Source: CBS

Last week I thought we’d see a set of Brawn victories with Brains pulling off safety thanks to the puzzle portion. Well obviously that didn’t go as I expected so now we’re set to see if Luzon (Brains) can win anything at all or pull off the Tribal-trifecta with a third straight elimination vote.

Just one round of an Immunity Challenge and a Tribal Council as compared to last week’s double dose of each. We’ll also find out if any new Hidden Immunity Idols come in to play. Read our full episode recap for more details.

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    Hidden Immunity Idol:

  • LJ goes off looking where he say Morgan earlier and sure enough he finds it! He says he’ll keep it secret until he uses it.
    Immunity Challenge:

  1. Aparri (Brawn) wins Immunity & comfort items
  2. Luzon (Brains) actually don’t come in last despite their best efforts!
  3. Solana (Beauty) squanders a huge lead and loses. They’re heading to Tribal Council.

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Survivor Results Recap: Cagayan ‘Cops R Us’

Survivor 2014 Cagayan Episode 02 - 03

Tonight on Survivor the castaways are about to be subjected to rough living conditions as weather takes a big turn for the worse and another castaway is voted out of Cagayan. Will Luzon pull out of their death spiral or are the Brains heading back knock heads at Tribal Council?

Back at camp Tasha confirms that she was going to vote out J’Tia before Garrett’s revelation of the Spencer-Garrett-Kass alliance. So yeah, Garrett shot himself in the foot last week.

Jumping over to the Aparri tribe we see Tony let Sarah in on his cop “secret” after he previously told her he wasn’t so now they’ve bonded.

Everyone is miserable everywhere. The weather stinks and it’s keeping people from sleeping or staying warm. So lots of complaining especially from the girls on the Solana Beauty tribe.

Speaking of Solana, LJ is still suspicious of Morgan climbing around the rocks before the rest of the tribe reached camp so he goes off searching for a possible Hidden Immunity Idol. Guess what he finds? Yep. LJ finds it underwater tied a rock (sneaky!) and says he’ll keep it secret until he uses it.

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