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Survivor After Show: Blood Vs Water – Episode 6

Survivor After Show - Blood Vs Water

Pavarti Shallow is back with this week’s Halloween-themed Survivor After Show featuring the latest Blood Vs Water eliminated castaway, Kat Edorsson.

Kat sits down with Pavarti to run through her experience returning to the Survivor battlefield and the challenges faced playing it with a loved one this time around. There’s a lot of discussion like we heard from Brad on how it’s that much harder playing with a loved one over a relative plus a big focus on Hayden and Kat’s long term plans. Kat still insists that Hayden would have swapped spots with her even though he was the one convincing her it was a bad idea.

There’s also an interesting discussion on how well off the Survivors were this season compared to past years. Pavarti is shocked at all the luxurious food options these castaways had at hand and thinks they had it way to easy. Kat says Hayden lost 20 pounds during his stay!

Watch the interview video below of Kat and Pavarti with the “After Show”:

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Survivor After Show: Blood Vs Water – Episode 6

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Survivor 2013: Kat Edorsson ‘The Day After’ Interview [VIDEO]

Kat Edorsson at Redemption Island on Survivor 2013

Kat Edorsson was eliminated this week on Survivor 2013 Blood Vs Water when she lost out at Redemption Island after a choked up plea to be saved by Hayden that went unanswered. Now that she’s out of the game Kat is back with her “The Day After” interview.

You’ll hear a lot of the same things we got from Brad on the impact of playing with a loved one instead of a relative. Kat says her game rotated around making decisions with Hayden in mind and that it held her back in what she could have done.

As for her hopes of trading with Hayden at Redemption Island, Kat thinks she grew bigger as a person for not making Hayden swap with her. I think that perspective sums up my thoughts on Kat. She thinks she did the biggest thing in her life by not making him give up his chance at the game so she could have a third shot at screwing up hers. Hayden was never going to swap with her, right? How does she not see that?

Anyway, if you have some sort of desire to hear Kat rambling on for five minutes then here’s her Survivor exit interview. “Cool beans.”


Survivor Results: Blood Vs Water Episode 7 Highlights

Survivor 2013 Episode 7 challenge

We’ve got your quick run down of Survivor results so you can find out who got voted off last night in case you missed the episode. There were lots of fun twists and turns along the way so this one is worth going back and watching at least the big segments.

Survivor 2013 – Episode 7 – Redemption Island:

Kat crumbles when she sees Hayden and Jeff puts him on the spot to swap places with her. Hayden definitely doesn’t want to but Kat keeps pleading that she’d switch. Finally Hayden convinces her that’s a terrible idea (it is) and the competition moves on.

John dominates that challenge where they have to untie a machete, hack a rope, and then build a puzzle. Kat flails around after squandering a solid second place and is knocked out when Laura M completes her puzzle. Kat is eliminated from Survivor.

Survivor 2013 – Episode 7 – Immunity Challenge:

Tadhana was riding their high of back to back wins so the pressure was on in this challenge. Both tribes played five castaways so Tadhana had Ciera sit out. The race was fairly even throughout as both teams had to escape an initial wire trap, navigate an obstacle course, and then build bolos to toss as a wooden rack.

There were many reductions from the original challenge that also had the players chained at the arms and then throwing six, not three, bolos to secure a win. I guess the Survivor challenge team decided it was just too much for this crew.

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Survivor 2013: Who Was Voted Off Tonight? Episode 7 Results

Laura M assembles her puzzle on Survivor

Tonight we’ll find out who was voted off Survivor 2013 when Jeff reveals the votes from this week’s losing tribe. Tadhana is riding strong after back to back wins, but can they keep the momentum going or will Galang even the team sizes this week with an Immunity win? Let’s find out.

The show kicks off with Kat heading to Redemption Island and Galang returning to camp down one more player. Kat is worried about what this could mean for her relationship with Hayden while Vytas has just got to be thrilled to have survived against the odds.

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First up we’ve got tonight’s Redemption Island challenge that we previewed earlier, but first Hayden is offered the chance to swap spots with Kat. I don’t see that happening, but we’ll see what he has to say. Jeff even puts Hayden right on the spot when he says their relationship is more important than this game.

Wow, this is awkward. Hayden obviously does not want to switch, but Kat is desperate to swap. She repeatedly says she wants to switch, but Hayden keeps pausing and “um’ing.” Hayden tells her to consider who has a better chance overall. Kat is crying and says she can’t even spell so she knows she won’t do well with a puzzle. Finally she says she’ll play. Hayden dodged that bullet!

Kat is set to compete against John and Laura. They have to untie a machete to chop a rope and drop puzzle pieces. Those pieces are then used to build a “fire” puzzle.

John gets through the knots and rope first with Kat not far behind. Laura is in third as they start their puzzles, but Kat can’t figure out how to get her pieces out of her bag so she drops to third.

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Tonight On Survivor 2013 Blood Vs Water Episode 7

Galang readies to compete for Immunity

Tonight on Survivor 2013, Blood Vs Water, the new tribes will continue their trek towards the tribe merge as they attend another elimination challenge at Redemption Island, a new Immunity Challenge, and finally Tribal Council where another castaway will be voted off.

First up we’ve got the Redemption Island challenge and in the clip below we watch as Kat arrives in tears. She’s worried Hayden, a reality TV winner himself, will be disappointed in her vote-out and might think less of her for it. Watch to see what Hayden says in response to her worries.

The redemption challenge does not look easy and I’m not convinced Kat will be able to survive this week against two strong competitors like Laura M and John. Check out our preview of what the castaways will have to do to remain on Survivor.

Over at the Immunity Challenge the remaining players will have some fun competing in “Chain Reaction.” They’ll start chained up to posts and have to work together to release themselves before traveling across an obstacle course, collecting bags, and then playing bolo to score points. Watch the Dream Team complete this challenge in the preview.

It’s hard to guess who might head to Tribal next because this comp looks pretty balanced for what it could take to win. Will it be Tadhana with a third straight win or can Galang get their Survivor mojo back tonight?

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