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Survivor Spoilers: Kelly Remington Injured In Immunity Challenge [PICS]

| March 16, 2015 at 2:45 PM EDT

Survivor 2015 castaway Kelly Remington is about to get the spotlight on this week’s Survivor episode when she sustains a nasty injury that leaves her bloodied on the Immunity challenge playing field.

"Disaster Strikes" on next Survivor 2015 episode

“Disaster Strikes” on next Survivor 2015 episode – Source: CBS/YouTube

Hyped during last week’s “Next Time on Survivor” promo we saw Jeff call for the challenge to halt but we hadn’t seen much more. Now we know it’s Kelly who takes the hit and just how it happens.

Sierra Thomas is working on the raised level and pulling up the lift platform when one side drops and it all crashes down on Lindsey and Kelly beneath it. Wait, did Dan Foley let go of his side of the rope? The heavy wood platform knocks in to Kelly’s head hard enough to leave blood running down her Buff and hand. Despite all that Kelly doesn’t fall to the ground or even stop to pull off her blindfold. Dedication!

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Jeff calls a stop to the challenge and the preview stops there but it’s safe to say the medical team would have jumped to her assistance. I’m guessing one of the two guys would have stepped in to help her as Mike Hollyway and Rodney Lavoie were the sit-outs for Blue Collar in this week’s challenge.

No word if Kelly has to leave Survivor, but I’m guessing she pulls through and sticks it out. We’ll see more on Wednesday’s double episode night of Survivor 2015.

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Survivor 2015: Power Rankings – Worlds Apart Week Three

| March 16, 2015 at 10:00 AM EDT

Survivor 2015 was more of the same as the No Collar Tribe was back at Tribal Council last week on Worlds Apart while the Blue Collar and White Collar tribes enjoyed reward and immunity.

Survivor 2015's Tyler Fredrickson sits back & waits

Survivor 2015’s Tyler Fredrickson sits back & waits – Source: CBS

So let’s take a look back at last week with the third Survivor Worlds Apart Power Rankings.

Blue Collar Tribe

The Blue Collars continue to show just how strong their work ethic is. Even if there are internal personality struggles, they still get the job done when they have to.

1. Kelly Remington. This Blue Tribe is a tough one to rank because they’re all so stubborn and feel that they don’t necessarily need each other to survive. So I think Kelly just sitting back and taking it all in and not stirring up trouble puts her in the best spot.

2. Rodney Lavoie Jr. I think the fact that Rodney is taking on Mike is doing wonders for his game. The others are seeing that they might need Rodney around to take out the big threat.

3. Sierra Thomas. Luckily for everyone hating on Mike Sierra and Lindsey get to move up on the list.

4. Lindsey Cascaddan. See above.

5. Dan Foley. Dan is a tricky one. Everyone seems to hate him, but he had a good showing in the past couple of challenges, so his worth has improved. But he does keep running his mouth and making everyone mad, so he’s going to stay close to the bottom here this week.

6. Mike Holloway. I thought Mike was on top of this tribe, but things changed a lot this week. His my way or the highway thinking has really alienated himself from the tribe. And since they all think they’re their own boss and can handle everything on their own, Mike’s strengths mean little to them.

White Collar Tribe

Who knew this group could overcome that week one loss and actually work together to keep themselves away from Tribal Council.

1. Tyler Fredrickson. I think Tyler’s wits and people skills coupled with his physical attributes are keeping him at the top of his tribe.

2. Carolyn Rivera. She’s got the idol and she has so little to worry about, she’s not making herself a threat at all. She’s sitting pretty right now.

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Who Is Left On Survivor 2015: Worlds Apart – Week 4

| March 16, 2015 at 9:00 AM EDT

After three straight weeks of avoiding the Survivor 2015 Tribal Council we’ve still got a full team on the Blue Collar tribe, but a turn of events this week will shake that up.

Jenn Brown on Survivor 2015

Jenn Brown on Survivor 2015 – Source: CBS

Fifteen of the Survivor Worlds Apart castaways are still in the game, but two more will be eliminated this week during the double episode night on Wednesday. Then by this time next week we’ll be looking at two new tribes following the pending tribe shuffle.

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Next Time On Survivor 2015: Tribe Shuffle & Double Episodes

| March 16, 2015 at 8:00 AM EDT

It’s a big week on Survivor 2015 when the Worlds Apart tribes rush through a night of double episodes where three tribes become two and one Survivor castaway is injured.

Blind leading the blind on Survivor 2015

Blind leading the blind on Survivor 2015 – Source: CBS

After just three weeks it’s already the end of the season’s twist with the three Collars coming together to form two new tribes. Looks like the castaways were ready to get out of those tribes anyway as Lindsey Cascaddan is spouting off at Rodney Lavoie and Sierra Thomas is telling us her old tribe “is dead to me.” Good times ahead. Well, not for everyone!

It’s the blind challenge in the first of two Survivor 2015 episodes starting at 8PM ET/PT on CBS this Wednesday and things do not go well for Kelly Remington. During the challenge it looks like Sierra drops the lift platform on Kelly’s head and causes a nasty wound. Jeff calls for everyone to stop as blood runs down her Buff. Will Kelly have to leave Survivor? I’m holding out hope for her that she’ll pull through and keep playing.

During the second episode we’ll get the tribe swap/shuffle so that’ll be exciting to see how things end up and who is the first to turn on one another. I’m not sure loyalty is going to play a big role for most of these Survivor castaways.

Join us back here on Wednesday night for our live coverage and check out what other fans think of the new Survivor season so far. Find us on Facebook, Twitter, and by Email Updates for more Survivor coverage.

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Survivor 2015: Nina Poersch ‘Day After’ Elimination Interview [VIDEO]

| March 13, 2015 at 12:00 PM EDT

Nina Poersch was voted off Survivor this week and I don’t know if you knew this, but she’s deaf. And everyone hated her for it. It was the reason she was eliminated and possibly even causing the polar ice caps to melt. Good grief.

Nina Poersch 'Day After' Interview on Survivor

Nina Poersch ‘Day After’ Interview on Survivor – Source: CBS/YouTube

Jeff Probst says age is a big factor in Survivor and I think he’s right, but as the season’s oldest player Nina saw things differently and couldn’t stop leaning on her deafness as the root of all her struggles. In her “Day After” interview Nina says this was why she was eliminated and goes in to detail on how it stunted her game.

I would absolutely believe it was a challenge and obstacle for her, but unless cruelty was edited out of all three episodes so far on Survivor 2015 then her tribe did not reject her over losing her hearing. Seems more likely it was the chip on her shoulder weighing her down.

Nina Poersch says she would not do Survivor again because the competitions were too hard. I’m kidding. She wouldn’t do it again because of her hearing. Seriously. She thinks maybe if she had been on a different tribe that wasn’t so mean to her then maybe it would have worked out okay with her disability, but she isn’t willing to take that chance. I’m okay with that.

Watch Nina’s “Day After” interview and find out more about her time on Survivor 2015: Worlds Apart.

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