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Survivor 2012 Spoilers: One World Episode 13 Challenge

Survivor 2012 One World episode 13

Tonight’s Survivor 2012 episode, 13th in the One World season, will feature a challenge called “spinning wheel” and we’ve got the spoilers video for it down below.

The “spinning wheel” challenge won’t be for immunity, but rather for a reward. Kat might remember the danger of winning those and say something like, “cool beans!” Whatever they win will be well earned as the castaways will be doing lots of dizzy, vomit-inducing maneuvering to get to the finish line. Check out the video below for this challenge.

Immunity will be offered up in the “Bone to Pick” challenge which looks to involve one arm being tied behind the back of the competitors. The results on both challenges will be posted live throughout tonight’s episode of Survivor One World.

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Survivor One World Finale Week: Episode 13 Tonight

Only two episodes of Survivor One World remain and one of those is set to air tonight.

The promo for tonight’s episode, shown below, asks “Will the strongest allies tear each other apart?” It looks like Kim is continuing to question if her alliance with Chelsea (and now Sabrina?) is a wise decision if she wants to win the contest.

Regardless of what that means, it looks like Kim is still in control and everyone is asking whether or not Kim has their back or if she’s playing them. Here’s a thought, play the game on your own for five seconds and stop handing the prize to Kim on a silver platter! What is with this season?

Tune in tonight for our live coverage of the episode and check back a little later for our full recap of the episode. And of course, check back Sunday night for the season finale results live.


Survivor One World Secret Scene: Kim Explains Why Kat Was Sent Home

Last week Kat was sent packing from the Survivor One World island after her childish antics and even Kim voted her off after we

“I think the reason hat is going home is because Kat has become kind of lovable and kind of endeared to her,” Kim explained. “And she has been kind of a coat-tailed rider.”

Kim goes on to say that the jury would easily hand Kat the million dollars if she were to make it to the finale. So she thinks the jury would vote for Kat to win the money? Yeah, right, Kim. You’re just being diplomatic. Which is silly, Kat or the jury can’t see this SECRET SCENE. Just tell the truth. Kat was a brat and she did herself in.

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Survivor One World: Kat Answers Fans’ Facebook, Twitter Questions


Last week, Survivor One World lost its first female player in weeks when Kat’s Survivor 2012 torch was snuffed. CBS has released Kat’s answers to some Facebook and Twitter questions and we’ve got those for you now.

Jon M.: Kat- What would you change about your game if you could that would have put you further into the game?
Kat – I would change the decision that I made that were for the reward challenge and who I took. I think I should have taken Chelsea instead of Alicia. I still would have taken Kim.

Garrett B.: Kat, did you really think Kim was going to take you to the end? Or did you have a plan to get rid of Kim later on?
Kat – I thought my best chance was to win against Kim because everybody was going to be mad at her for getting rid of them. I didn’t want to take her to the final three but I was fine sitting next to her because I knew she was a strong player and would probably make it far. I would have wanted to take Alicia and Christina because I think I would have gotten more votes than them.

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Survivor One World: Kat The Day After Elimination

Survivor 2012 Kat

This week on Survivor One World, young, naive Kat’s torch was snuffed, becoming the first woman to leave the island since around week five.

CBS sat her down the day after her elimination to talk about her experience on Survivor 2012 and what went wrong with her game.

“I felt like every single day I grew as an individual,” Kat said in the interview posted below. “I’m really proud of how I played.”

So she’s proud of how she played. Interesting. The best thing she says, though, is that she said she went into the game thinking she’d emerge as the leader. She actually thought everyone would follow her and do as she said.

Oh, and no one else wanted to win as bad as her.

“I wanted it more than anyone in the world,” she said. “I was really shocked when I was blindsided.”


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