Gondol delivers the “Beauty Tribe” on Survivor 2016 with six of the supposedly better looking players on the cast of 18 this season. We’ve got a fairly young group starting at 19 up to 30 before one player on their team jumps to 51. We’ll have to see if the Beauty team can hold up against the Brains and Brawn.

Gondol 'Beauty' Tribe on Survivor 2016

Gondol ‘Beauty’ Tribe on Survivor 2016 – Source: CBS

On the Beauty team you’ll find Anna Khait (26), Caleb Reynolds (28), Julia Sokolowski (19), Michele Fitzgerald (24), Nick Maiorano (30), and Tai Trang (51). Compared to the Chan Loh tribe the group is fairly young, but I’m not sure how their toughness matches up to To Tang. Get to know the Gondol tribe with their profiles and interviews below.

Anna Khait – 26, Pro Poker Player, Brooklyn, NY:

Caleb Reynolds – 28, Army Vet, Hopkinsville, KY:

Julia Sokolowski – 19, College Student, Boston, MA:

Michele Fitzgerald – 24, Bartender, Freehold, NJ:

Nick Maiorano – 30, Personal Trainer, Redondo Beach, CA:

Tai Trang – 51, Gardener, San Francisco, CA:

Is the winner of Survivor Kaoh Rong on the Brains Tribe? Get ready for the 2016 season premiere on February 17th.