Survivor 2016 Kaoh Rong will be the second consecutive season of the show to be filmed in Cambodia. Filming for Survivor season 32 took place between late March and early May in 2015. According to Survivor spoilers from the season, conditions in Kaoh Rong were extreme on the Survivor 2016 cast, and at least three players suffered from debilitating injuries or illness during filming.

Update: CBS has released the official Survivor 2016 cast list here.

Survivor 2016 Kaoh Rong (CBS)
Survivor 2016 Kaoh Rong (CBS)

For the first time ever, it appears that Survivor Kaoh Rong will be aired out of order from when it was filmed. The season was apparently filmed BEFORE Survivor Cambodia Second Chance, but will air after it, starting February 17, 2016.

Both seasons 31 and 32 of Survivor were filmed in Cambodia, under what has been described in the press as some of the harshest conditions to ever face the cast and crew. Koh Rong is an inhabited island in the Gulf of Thailand with thick forests, beautiful waterfalls, and long stretches of virgin beaches. The second largest island of Cambodia, Koah Rong hosts four small villages and an array of guest accommodations for the adventurous traveler. However, it is also reportedly extremely hot, humid, and full of nasty bugs and critters happy to feast on humans.

Survivor 2016 cast on Kaoh Rong's Brains vs Beauty vs Brawn
Survivor 2016 cast on Kaoh Rong’s Brains vs Beauty vs Brawn – Source: CBS

Survivor 2016 Kaoh Rong (Koh Rong Island Official Site)

The theme for Survivor season 32 will be a reprise of the ‘Brawn vs Brains vs Beauty’ motif previously used in Survivor Cagayan in season 28. There will be three initial tribes separated by each castaway’s most obvious attribute, brawn (Totang tribe), brains (Chanloh tribe), or beauty (Gondol tribe).

Survivor spoilers so far have revealed the current alleged Survivor 2016 cast lineup as:

  • Brawn Tribe – To Tang: Alecia Holden, Cydney Gillon, Kyle Jason, Jennifer Lanzetti, Scot Pollard, and Darnell Hamilton
  • Brains Tribe – Chan Loh: Aubry Bracco, Debbie Wanner, Elisabeth Markham, Joe Del Campo, Neal Gottlieb, and Peter Baggenstos
  • Beauty Tribe – Gondol: Anna Khait, Caleb Reynolds (Big Brother 16), Julia Sokolowski, Michele Fitzgerald, Nick Maiorano, and Tai Trang

Caleb Reynolds is the second former Big Brother player to follow up with a stint on Survivor. The first was Big Brother 12 winner Hayden Moss, who appeared on Survivor: Blood vs Water with then girlfriend Kat Edorsson.

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