Every castaway needs to be tough to survive 39 days in the jungle, but these six castaways make up the Survivor 2016’s “Brawn” tribe of To Tang. Here we have a bounty hunter, a pro athlete, a body builder, and more on the team that prides itself on their strength.

To Tang 'Brawn' Tribe on Survivor 2016

To Tang ‘Brawn’ Tribe on Survivor 2016 – Source: CBS

The To Tang tribe consists of Alecia Holden (24), Cydney Gillon (23), Darnell Hamilton (27), Jennifer Lanzetti (38), Kyle Jason (31), and Scot Pollard (40). It’s a young group compared to the Brains Chan Loh team with its 72 & 49 year old castaways. Check out all the Brawn Tribe profiles & interview videos below.

Alecia Holden – 24, Real Estate Agent,Dallas, TX:

Cydney Gillon – 23, Body Builder, Douglasville, GA:

Darnell Hamilton – 27, Postal Worker, Chicago, IL:

Jennifer Lanzetti – 38, Contractor, Salt Lake City, UT:

Kyle Jason – 31, Bounty Hunter, Detroit, MI:

Scot Pollard – 40, Former NBA player, Carmel, IN:

Is the winner of Survivor Kaoh Rong on the Brawn Tribe? Get ready for the Survivor: Brains vs Brawn vs Beauty premiere on February 17, 2016