Here comes the big one. The challenge that knocks down three castaways and knocks out one of those. Surprisingly, this looks to be a pretty simple challenge, but it’s gotta be the “dig” part of “Dig It” that’s handing out the trouble.

Challenge Preview on Survivor 2016 Kaoh Rong

Challenge Preview on Survivor 2016 Kaoh Rong – Source: CBS/YouTube

In the clip below, featuring the Dream Team, we see this week’s Kaoh Rong challenge explained with a dry run involving run, jumping, digging, more digging, and then skeeball. Skeeball from Hell, apparently.

Teams will start out on a mat before taking off and crawling under a platform then jumping over two hitch posts. The first round of digging requires the team to work their way under a log and once the first player reaches the other side he or she can help dig from that direction.

Next stage has the castaways digging three bags out of the sand about a foot deep. I’m guessing those nice little flags in the dry run won’t be there for the real players. Those flags tell the Dream Team where to dig which reduces a lot of searching. This could be where the plan goes wrong in the real deal as we’re seeing castaways exhausted in this stage.

Last step has the teams getting six balls out of three bags and then rolling them up and in to a holding spot for each of the balls. First team to finish gets a helicopter ride out of the game. No, no. They get immunity and a reward. Someone else gets the medevac.