Survivor 2016 Millennials Vs Gen-X sends the series back to Fiji for another back to back filming season where they’ll be set on the Mamanuca Islands, according to InsideSurvivor. The Survivor 2016 season will be filming from March until July before the new Versus installment airs this fall on CBS.

Survivor 2016: Millennials Vs Gen X
Survivor 2016: Millennials Vs Gen X – Source: CBS

Following the environmental issues of Season 32 the decision was made to pursue a friendlier, easier going setting for both the Survivor 2016 cast and production crew. Having previously filmed Survivor Fiji back in 2006/7 this familiar setting was selected for the Millennials Vs Gen-X season.

As for the Survivor Season 33 theme, we’ll see a generational divide of the Millennials pitted against the slightly older Gen-X castaways. There will be 20 castaways, all new faces to Survivor fans, split in two tribes based on age with the stereotypical expectations of the Gen-X players as harder workers while the Millennials bask in their sense of entitlement, or something like that.

The Survivor 2016 Millennials vs Gen-X season kicked off on September 21st following the Big Brother 18 finale, the traditional hand off of the reality TV baton on CBS.

The full Survivor 2016 cast was recently announced for Season 33 and includes 20 castaways with ten on each of the two tribes as divided by age.

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