Hali Ford joins Survivor 2015 as a member of the “No Collar” Nargarote tribe on Season 30, “Worlds Apart” where she’ll compete as 1 of 18 castaways to be the next Sole Survivor.

Hali Ford on Survivor 2015

Hali is a 25 year old law student from Knoxville, TN currently living in San Francisco, CA where she’s currently attending law school. Wait, this “No Collar” tribe member is in training to become a white collar worker? Hmm, okay.

Hali Ford says that while she looks like a sweet, feminine Southern girl on the outside but on the inside she’s more like a “motorcycle gang dude.” Okay, well that could be interesting to see how she stands up to the challenges on Survivor.

As for strategy, Hali wants a tight alliance with one other castaway and she’s already got him picked out. She describes a tall, blonde, curly haired guy which sounds like Joe Anglim and would work out well since he’s in her Nargarote tribe.

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Hali isn’t worried about the challenges and says she’ll stick in there until she’s “comatose.” She also plans to make bold moves while admitting it’s a risky approach.

Yep, I’m intrigued and am looking forward to see how far Hali Ford goes on Survivor 2015! What do you think of Hali? Watch her interview video and share your thoughts.

Hali Ford – Survivor 2015 interview: