Survivor Second Chance cast member Keith Nale powered his way through his first run on the series practically without any help at all. He made it through most of Survivor San Juan del Sur just through sheer luck and key winning immunity challenges, showing everyone that you don’t always have to be in a power alliance to make it almost all the way to the end. Or even know what the heck is going on half the time.

Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance Cast Then & Now - Keith Nale (CBS)
Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance Cast Then & Now – Keith Nale (CBS)

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When Survivor San Juan del Sur began, few would have bet on Keith Nale making it very far into the competition. The good ole guy Fire Captain from Shreveport, LA certainly didn’t seem like a good bet to become one of the biggest threats to win the whole thing. We can only suspect some kind of magic was involved when Keith actually came within spitting distance of making it all the way to the end.

After crazily making it through the first half of the season sometimes by what seemed to be pure lady luck and an an uncanny ability to misdirect the target off his back, it looked like Keith was finally going to get ousted. Then, every time it seemed that he was just about to be voted out, Keith would pull off an immunity challenge win and be safe for another week. He actually managed to make it to the final four, only to be voted out when he was seen as too much of a threat to win.

On Survivor 2015 Second Chance, Keith Nale will be part of the Bayon Tribe (pink/magenta), along with Joe Anglim, Ciera Eastin, Jeremy Collins, Kass McQuillen, Andrew Savage, Kimmi Kappenberg, Monica Padilla, Stephen Fishbach, and Tasha Fox. (Full Survivor Second Chance cast list.)

With Jeremy also from San Juan del Sur on his new tribe, Keith could have a head start on making an alliance pretty quickly. However, there could still be some bad blood because Keith lied about Jeremy having a hidden immunity idol back in their previous season, which ended up with Jeremy quite upset with him for a while.

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When he was asked what his claim to fame was for his previous Survivor cast profile, Keith said it was his wife and kids. In his previous time on the show, Keith’s relationship with his son Wes was certainly a big consideration in his game. This time around, however, he’ll be going totally solo from the beginning.

Fellow Survivor San Juan del Sur cast mate Natalie Anderson says that Keith is a “really likeable and funny guy” and great to have on your tribe because he’s very handy, he can build, fish, and is a “bad-ass at the most random challenges — especially the ones with balls.”

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Keith said this time around he plans to try to be more assertive and social than he was in his previous season. “I’m going to search out the right person to form a strong alliance earlier in the game,” he said.

Keith also joked that once he did find that alliance to settle in to, he would “stick to the plan,” referring to his infamous announcement at a tribal council on San Juan del Sur that led to Keith’s own son Wes being voted out.

Will Keith’s change in tactics prove more reliable than luck and an amazing ability to win “balls” challenges when Survivor Cambodia Second Chance debuts on September 23, 2015? We’ll just have to wait and see!

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