Survivor Second Chance cast member Kimmi Kappenberg only made it through five episodes her first time around in season two, but she is probably still one of the best remembered old school players. She was boisterous and loud, an adamant vegetarian, and gave us one of our favorite early fights on the series when she got into it with fellow castaway and notorious finger-waver Alicia Calaway over chickens.

Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance Cast Then & Now - Kimmi Kappenberg (CBS)
Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance Cast Then & Now – Kimmi Kappenberg (CBS)

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On Survivor The Australian Outback, Kimmi quickly made herself a target by basically annoying the heck out of her fellow castaways. Her personality was as big as her voice, and she was very vocal about pretty much everything she was thinking at any moment. Including personal issues like masturbation and her very proud vegetarianism. Which is how she ended up in the infamous “finger-wagging” fight with Alicia.

Kimmi’s brash personality didn’t go over so well with her tribe mates, and she didn’t really mesh with anyone very well. Kimmi managed to hang on as long as she did mostly because the Kucha tribe she was on in season one won four challenges in a row. As soon as they lost and ended up in Tribal Council, Kimmi was ousted.

On Survivor 2015 Second Chance, Kimmi Kappenberg will be part of the Bayon Tribe (pink/magenta), along with Joe Anglim, Ciera Eastin, Jeremy Collins, Kass McQuillen, Keith Nale, Andrew Savage, Monica Padilla, Stephen Fishbach, and Tasha Fox. (Full Survivor Second Chance cast list.)

Kimmi’s only fellow cast member from Survivor The Australian Outback on season 30 will be Jeff Varner, but it doesn’t seem all that likely the two will end up bonding. They aren’t on the same tribe to start off with, and they certainly didn’t get along so well the first time around.

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On Survivor Cambodia Second Chance, Kimmi knows she has to be able to form bonds with her tribe mates if she hopes to make it to the end of the game. In her pre-season interviews, Kimmi has shown that she is taking a more mature and hopefully wiser view of the game this time. Less about immediately saying everything she’s thinking, and more about building the relationships she needs to move forward in the game.

Kimmi says of her time on Survivor The Australian Outback that it was bad not having a strong alliance to help her in the game. She hopes to change that this season and says that she’d “rather have a bad alliance than no alliance.”

Last time on the show was an “adventure,” Kimmi told Entertainment Weekly, but Survivor Second Chance is much more than that for the single mom. This time it’s serious, because she’s in it to “provide for my sons.”

Cheer Kimmi on to reach the finale when Survivor Cambodia Second Chance debuts on CBS September 23, 2015!

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