Survivor Second Chance cast member Stephen Fishbach came so close to winning his previous season he could virtually taste it. Up against “demi-god” J. T. Thomas in the Survivor Tocantins finale, as Stephen calls him, he just didn’t stand a chance. Stephen doesn’t plan on finishing as a runner-up this time around, he wants to walk away with that million dollar prize.

Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance Cast Then & Now - Stephen Fishbach (CBS)
Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance Cast Then & Now – Stephen Fishbach (CBS)

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There has perhaps never been a closer duo alliance on the series than Stephen and J. T. on Survivor Tocantins. The two were thick as thieves, and together, they powered all the way through the game to the final two. Unfortunately for Stephen, there can only be one Survivor winner, and J. T. completely dominated his ‘sidekick’ in the Final Tribal Council.

On Survivor 2015 Second Chance, Stephen Fishbach will be part of the Bayon Tribe (pink/magenta), along with Joe Anglim, Ciera Eastin, Jeremy Collins, Kass McQuillen, Keith Nale, Kimmi Kappenberg, Monica Padilla, Andrew Savage, and Tasha Fox. (Full Survivor Second Chance cast list.)

Stephen Fishbach has turned his Survivor 15 minutes of fame into a beloved fandom who got together in force to vote him onto season 30. Dubbed by another player on Survivor Tocantins as ‘The Wizard’, Stephen is smart, funny, and understands how to get ahead in the game. While he is likely to make fast friends and allies on Survivor Cambodia Second Chance, he’s also probably going to be considered a strong threat, especially later in the game.

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About his previous game on Survivor Tocantins, Stephen told Entertainment Weekly his biggest regret was that he “never stepped out of JT’s shadow and owned the game I was playing.” Now he has a Survivor Second Chance to live down the record of being the “only person ever shut out in a final two” on the series.

From his experience on Survivor Tocantins, being part of the Survivor Know It Alls, and writing a People blog bout the show, Stephen feels he has learned a lot about the real strategy of winning. According to Stephen, it isn’t about numbers or just counting votes, you have to “connect with people’s hearts.”

Tune in to see if Stephen can make the right connections when Survivor Cambodia Second Chance debuts on CBS September 23, 2015.

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