Survivor 2012 Philippines Finale Recap: The Winner Is …


The Survivor Philippines winner was announced Sunday night following a bitter jury interrogation. It was all down to Lisa, Denise, Malcolm and Skupin. So who won? Let’s do this chronologically.

After multiple delays and hefty flashback on the season, the first part of the Survivor 2012 Philippines season finale took off. We first pick up right after last week’s elimination of Abi-Maria and the final four are not sad that she’s gone.

“That’s like having a tumor removed,” Skupin said about Abi having her torch snuffed.

The castaways find some tree mail and it says “winning this next challenge will be worth of your brag gin” … then it goes on to say … “when you finish the dragon”… it’s a reward challenge teaser.

They head off to the challenge where they find out the reward means the winner wins a secret advantage in final immunity challenge. Jeff calls it the biggest reward f the season. The challenge is an obstacle course/knots/puzzle game. It’s a close call between Malcolm and Denise but in the end, Malcolm wins the reward. We will find out what he won just before the immunity challenge.

Back at camp, Denise and Lisa talk about ditching Malcolm. And Skupin is on board, so it’s three against one. And this isn’t just Denise turning on her number-one ally. It’s Malcolm’s own fault because he was being wishy-washy with Denise when she asked him if they were cool.

Lisa had an interesting take on why he should be the next to go. “Malcolm’s the kind of guy who’ll put his arm around you, stab you, then visit you at the hospital the next day,” Lisa said.

Up next we get the traditional Survivor bathroom break, I mean the fallen comrades walk. So the final four look back on all those from the season who are no longer with them.

And now it’s time to find out the first of the final three with the last immunity challenge. This week it’s simply a game of balance. And when I say simple, I mean simple. All you have to do is balance a ball on some blocks of wood. I know, it’s not easy, but it’s just not an intense and exciting one. And what was Malcolm’s advantage? He gets a second chance if he drops his ball.

Malcolm is out first. Then he gets his second shot and is still out first. Denise follows shortly after. Lisa is out next, giving immunity to . Skupin. He’s the first officially in the final three.

Malcolm is worried, as he should be. Denise and the other two are talking and they’re still solid on Malcolm. But Skupin says he’s still considering keeping Malcolm, which is the producers just trying to confuse us because it’s so obvious that it will be Malcolm.

Time for Tribal. Most of the discussion was all about Malcolm or Denise, which left us with virtually no suspense. So there was no surprise when Malcolm was cut and  became the final member of the jury.

So it’s Skupin, Lisa and Denise and now they get to make their please to the jury.

  • Denise’s plea gets an A +
  • Lisa’s plea gets a B-
  • Skupin’s plea gets a D just for his first words being “returning player.”

And for the jury, they all get Fs for their questions because they were mostly just bitter remarks.

The Questioning Highlights:

Artis: Bitter, party of one. “Karma is a bitch,” he says. OK. He never said anything worth noting. He just spouted bitter stuff.

Carter: He gave a “good job” to Lisa. He asks Skupin about how he felt when he was sent home.

Pete: Zzzzzz

RC: She was very nice to Lisa. And cordial overall, kind of unlike her time on the show.

Malcolm: He really went after Denise. He called her an “appeaser” and brought up her job as a therapist.

Jeff Kent: Bitter and arrogant. And his mustache is creepy.

Abi: Of course it was all about her.

Penner: He finally outed Lisa as a star of Facts of Life.

It’s time for the jury vote. And then we head off to the live reunion for the results.

Before getting to the votes, Jeff calls for a moment of silence to remember the victims of the recent shooting in Connecticut.

And by a vote of five to one to one, Denise is crowned the winner of Survivor 2012.

During the live reunion show, Lisa won the fan favorite award worth $100,000.


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