Survivor 2014 launches its second Blood Vs Water series for Season 29 when Jeff Probst and his Dream Team crew heads to San Juan Del Sur where eighteen castaways arrive in pairs but are soon battling against one another.

Survivor 2014 Blood Vs Water Spoilers
Survivor 2014 Blood Vs Water Spoilers – Source: CBS

The return of Blood Vs Water for Survivor’s 2014 season marks the second time producers have brought together loved ones to challenge the castaways in a new dimension to the long running series, but unlike the first BvW, all the castaways are brand new.

Initially twenty castaways were lined up for the trip to San Juan Del Sur, but just before ‘go time’ one pair had to drop out and production wasn’t able to navigate getting a replacement at that stage. This change threw off plans for an even number of men vs women which later gave the guys an opportunity for an advantage.

Keep up with our daily Survivor coverage starting September 2014 for the new season as we watch to find out who will become the Sole Survivor of San Juan Del Sur!

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