Survivor 2019: Controversy Effects Player Rankings Week 8 [Op-Ed]

This is going to be a tough week for Survivor 2019 Player Rankings. Not only did we lose our No. 1 ranked player, we also saw a lot of really despicable behavior by people I thought were playing a really good game. So it’s going to be really hard to put that aside and rank them based solely on their gameplay.

So I’m going to do something a little differently this week. I’m going to rank the players based on how they acted after this week’s controversial episodes.

Survivor 2019 Player Rankings Week 8

1. Janet Carbon. No one handled this week better than Janet. She stood up for a whole gender and then got completely dumped on for doing what’s right. The way the others treated her was absolutely disgusting and I’ll never get over that.

2. Jamal Shipman. I know he was voted out during the second tribal council, but other than Janet, he seems to be the only person who understood what was going on. And he explained it to Aaron that he is very out of touch with what’s really been going on in the game outside of the actual gameplay.

3. Lauren Beck. Lauren wasn’t always innocent this week. She at first didn’t believe anything anyone said about Dan, but she finally came around and had an emotional realization. Good for her. I wish I could say the same about the others.

4. Noura Salman. Noura was kind of laughing about everything, but she seemed to just not get what was going on. Which isn’t surprising.

5. Karishma Patel. This might be the only time this season Karishma makes it out of the bottom spot. She is a terrible Survivor player, but this week she was sort of just out of the whole mess.

6. Dean Kowalski. Dean just seemed oblivious to everything. But that is how he’s been playing the game and competitions. Totally oblivious.

7. Tommy Sheehan. Tommy actually deserves to be lower for remaining silent, but there are people who fared far worse this past week. So he lands here at No. 5.

8. Elaine Sott. We didn’t hear a lot from Elaine, but when we did they were all bad takes and definitely thoughts from the wrong side of all of this.

9. Missy Byrd. I’m most bummed about Missy. She was sure to take the No. 1 spot this week after Kellee’s demise, but the way she handled this week was completely awful. She lied and schemed using a very serious matter and to me that is not acceptable in any game. I understand that people often backtrack or stay silent out of fear. I just didn’t see that as the reason Missy changed her plan. She found out Kellee was targeting her and then decided she’d change her tune on Dan. It was all a terrible situation and I feel for Missy.

10. Elizabeth Beisel. The biggest problem I had this week was with Elizabeth. Not only did she say she didn’t really care what the others were saying, she blatantly lied and said Janet was just making up the things she said. Aside from Dan, I think Elizabeth’s actions were the worst.

11. Aaron Meredith. I know I just said Elizabeth’s actions were the worst other than Dan’s, but Aaron’s attitude and remarks at Tribal Council were disgusting and he shows he has a lot to learn about what it means to be a woman. He’s so out of touch it made my skin crawl.

12. Dan Spilo. At that the very bottom is Dan, where he deserves to be. These weren’t alleged incidents. We saw the clips. We saw the disclaimer that said Dan was issued an actual warning by producers. We heard the emotion in Kellee’s voice when she sat in her confessional talking about Dan. We heard Missy confirm that she too had problems with Dan. And we heard Dan say things like “since this isn’t going to be dropped” or “let go” before an apology finally came. It was like he was saying, since I’m being forced to do this, here’s my apology. Terrible. Dan should have been removed from the game before the first Tribal Council.

Final thoughts

I feel for Kellee, Missy and anyone else Dan made feel uncomfortable. They should never have been put in that situation. I’m glad they spoke up, but I’m sad that a game effected how their thoughts and feelings have since been perceived. I will never question anyone’s claims, but I cannot overlook the behavior I witnessed last night.

If I thought Missy backtracked and Elizabeth lied out of fear, I would totally understand. But what we saw were them lying and scheming to further their game. So I decided that while Dan is the clear problem here, those women caused plenty of problems themselves. It was just an all-around terrible situation and I wish it had never happened. Dan should have been removed before it even got to this.


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