Survivor 2019: Who Was Voted Off Survivor Last Night? 11/13/2019

Last night on Survivor 2019 the 13 remaining castaways found themselves merged into one new tribe! We also saw another player head off to the Island of the Idols to see what challenge and possible reward Sandra and Boston Rob had for them.

Oh, and we has a double episode. That meant two immunity challenges, two tribal councils and two people were sent to jury by the end of the night.

So which castaway met Rob and Sandra and which players won immunity? Let’s find out!

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First up we saw the fallout of the last Tribal Council that blindsided Jack. After that we got to see how the players reacted to the news that it’s time to drop their buffs and merge into one tribe.

Idol Watch: Kellee has found a hidden immunity idol! Kellee found a second idol!

Immunity Challenge 1

The castaways are heading into their first immunity challenge as one tribe this season. Which player will be the first to win the individual immunity necklace? Let’s find out. This is an endurance challenge. The last person standing will win individual immunity.

Noura is the first person out, followed by Kellee and Dean. Janet is the next person out followed by Lauren, Elaine and Dan. Next out are Karishma, Tommy and Missy. Elizabeth is out, making it down to Aaron and Jamal. And Jamal drops, so Aaron wins immunity!

Tribal Council 1

Who will be the next person heading off to jury? Let’s get to the votes.

The Votes: Kellee is voted out! With TWO idols in her pocket!

Island of The Idols

What will the challenge be for this week’s player who ends up on the Island of the Idols with Rob and Sandra? This week it’s Jamal. He found a random note that sent him there. And this week it was a lesson in the art of sabotage. He lost his vote this week just for taking the note. But there’s more. He has a chance to use a blank piece of paper and pencil for power. Rob asks him what he could do with that paper and pencil. He decided to write a fake legacy advantage to fool someone else with it.

Immunity Challenge 2

Once again immunity is back up for grabs. Who will wear the immunity necklace this round? It’s another endurance competition. Lauren is the first to drop followed by Dan and then Jamal and Elaine. Karishma and Dean are out next. Noura and Tommy drop after, meaning Aaron wins immunity for the guys. That leaves Elizabeth and Missy. And Elizabeth drops. Missy wins immunity!

Tribal Council 2

It’s time once again to send a player off to jury. Who will it be this time? Let’s get to the votes.

The votes: Janet, Janet, Karishma, Karishma, Karishma, Jamal, Jamal, Jamal, Jamal, Jamal is voted out!

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