Survivor 2019: Edge Of Extinction Player Rankings Week 3

Survivor 2019’s third week came to a close last night as Chris Underwood was blindsided. That means Manu lost another member, so a tribe swap is upon us next week. But for now, we will still be looking at the two tribes as we rank the remaining castaways based on their gameplay or lack thereof in the past few weeks.

Manu Tribe

1. Wardog. He continued to pull the strings as he took his idea to vote out Chris over Kelley or Wendy all the way. That was one of the fastest and most random flips I’ve seen in a while. And even though I think it was a terrible idea, Wardog made it happen.

2. Rick. I don’t like putting Rick this high up, but he’s right in the middle and no one realizes it. So he’s in a good spot at least until the swap.

4. Lauren. She continues to stay out of the drama all while holding onto her Hidden Immunity Idol.

5. David. He hasn’t once been mentioned as a target, so he’s definitely playing the better social game, if we’re just talking about the two vets.

6. Kelley. I don’t see the Wentworth appeal. To me she isn’t good at competition, and between her constant eyerolls and shut-off demeanor, she has a really bad social game. I’m not sure why Wardog has been so protective.

7. Wendy. Just when I thought Wendy could’t get any sloppier, she steals her tribe’s flint so they can’t kill and cook a chicken. A swap is the best thing that could happen to her game, but is she too messy to make use of it?

Kama Tribe

1. Joe. I’m just going to leave Joe at the top. He is literally winning all the competitions for the tribe, and the minute he steps aside to let others play, they lose. Think about that.

2. Eric. Eric continues to be an asset to the tribe in competitions, so he holds onto the No. 2 spot this week.

3. Victoria. She still knows what’s going on and was ready to pounce on a returnee if they were sent to tribal.

4. Gavin. The sweet southern boy continues to charm and also holds his own in competitions.

5. Aubry. This week Aubry jumps up a bit because she found a Hidden Immunity Idol. But the way she was playing way too hard at first won’t let me rank her any higher yet.

6. Julie. We saw very little from this tribe this week, so there’s not a lot to say.

7. Ron. I’m leaving Ron around this spot based only on his power that expired. There’s just not a lot to say about these castaways since they haven’t been getting as much airtime.

8. Julia. Still nothing to say here. Hopefully the show gives her some airtime soon.

9. Aurora. At least now I know ranking Aurora so low was right. She’s the only newbie on the tribe who is locked in with the returnees and everyone knows it.

How would you rank the Survivor Edge of Extinction players?


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