Survivor 2019: Edge Of Extinction Player Rankings Week 7

(Note: In the game, it’s Week 7 because of the double episode. For us, it’s still our sixth week watching.)

The Survivor 2019 castaways have officially merged and Rick has returned to the game via the Edge of Extinction. So we have a whole new dynamic for this week’s rankings (including no Joe as he was voted out last time).

VATA Tribe

1. Julie. These rankings will change after a week or so in the merge, so this week is going to be weird. Like me putting Julie at No. 1. She only gets the top spot because she outlasted everyone in the endurance challenge to win the first individual immunity. And she had a lot to do with the vote this week. People were ready to just send Rick right back to EOE, but she saw they had bigger fish to fry.

2. Lauren. She takes the second spot because she came pretty close to winning immunity and she still has her hidden immunity idol. She might not have been on the vote, which says something about her position in the game, but for now she’s played a solid game.

3. Eric. Now that Joe is gone, Eric is the biggest physical player. And he’s got himself positioned well in the game. Even if people start talking about taking out more threats, he has several others in front of him I think.

4. Rick. I don’t like putting Rick this high, but he did win himself back in the game. And now he has half of an immunity idol that he has to share with someone else for it to work. Still not sure exactly how that all works, but he’s giving the other half to David.

5. Kelley. I think Kelley is a bit overrated with Survivor fans, but she’s managed to not be voted out yet so that’s impressive. And she has a hidden immunity idol still tucked away for when she might need it.

6. Victoria. I’m keeping Victoria up high just because she’s played a good game so far and knows exactly what needs to happen. She is maybe the only person thinking about the endgame and what kind of player usually wins – strategic players and not so much psychical players. That’s why she wanted Kelley out first over Joe (which is exactly what I would have done – especially now that they know he can win his way back in the game).

7. Gavin. With Gavin’s social wits and his competition success, he’s a pretty well-rounded player. That might make him a threat, but I think he has a chance to make it a bit farther in the game before he’s target No. 1.

8. Ron. I think Ron thinks he’s playing a No. 1 game, but he’s not. I mean he’s playing pretty well, but the best I can place him this week is here at No. 8.

9. Julia. Now that we’ve seen Julia play a bit and actually heard her speak, I’m a fan. I think she has been a victim of editing and is an underrated player this season.

10. David. So David has been pretty bad at the game so far, but now that he has half of an idol, he might be able to move up a bit farther in our rankings. But we’ll see.

11.  Aurora. She is the one person I never know where to place. She had put a target on her back for supporting the returning players too hard, but now she’s just kind of there.

12. Wardog. No one still in the game has played worse than Wardog. Actually, overall, I’d place him just above Keith, Reem and Wendy. He has had that poor of a showing. Not only is he terrible at competitions, but he’s bossy and has gotten on everyone’s nerves. They’ve even called him a dictator. He’s so, so bad at this game.

How would you rank the Survivor 2019 players this week?


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