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CBS is bringing back Survivor in 2021 with Season 41 after a hiatus due to the pandemic. Now Survivor is back and it’s returning to its roots as a straight up, no themed twist, bare knuckle battle in the elements for a season full of castaways. Get ready for Survivor 41! CBS launches the new season on September 22nd at 8PM.

Host Jeff Probst returns and described the new season to Parade, “In birthing a new era of Survivor,” Probst explains, “we are letting go, for now at least, of casting themes or seasons built around a specific twist. Those ideas served us very well for 20 years, but now it’s time for something new. The new players and the gameplay will define each season…”

Another big difference for Survivor 41 will be a shorter season at just 26 days, two-thirds the usual 39-day run. Probst promises the faster pace will translate to more intense game play and the smaller tribes will make sure there’s no hiding as the numbers drop.

Survivor 2021 Cast:

This season on Survivor we’ll get 18 new castaways so check them out and be ready with this smaller cast on the shorter season.

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