Survivor 41: Ranking The Final 5

Who will win Survivor 41? That’s a hard question to answer, and we aren’t going to be able to predict that. But we can rank the Survivor 41 Final 5 based on how we think they played the game.

A lot of thought went into this, and the first two spots were the toughest to land on. It’s clear who the top 2 players of the season are, but it was hard to finally figure out who was first and who was second. But we did it. And you might not agree, and that’s fine. Just let us know your thoughts in the comments section. OK, let’s get to it.

Survivor 41 Top 5 Ranked

5. Heather. There was never any doubt that Heather was going to hold onto this last place spot. She might have found herself in the Final 5, but she didn’t do anything to get herself there. Sure, she might have voted with the right people, but in most seasons, someone who played like her would have gone out weeks ago (but in other seasons she’s right where someone like her should be – and likely to get to the Final 3).

Can Heather win? ZERO chance. I don’t see her getting a single vote.

4. Deshawn. I think the fact that Deshawn stayed this week is the best indicator that he ranks just above Heather. Why? Because they got rid of the person who could actually end up getting to the end and winning the game. I mean Deshawn hasn’t played an awful game, but he hasn’t played a great one. He has turned on every one of his allies (but Danny), so I’m not sure if his jury management has been good enough to get him a win.

Can Deshawn win? It’s possible. Deshawn could win against Heather and maybe Erika. But maybe not even Erika. I just think he has really burned the jury too much and won’t have much of a campaign for why the full jury should vote for him.

3. Erika. She has been our little dark horse under dog since the jump. I would love to rank Erika higher, because I think she has the best Survivor 41 story and overall game arc. But I think if I’m being totally unbiased, then she has to fall in third place. That’s not saying I wouldn’t love to see an Erika win.

Can Erika win? I think so. I’m not sure she can beat Xander and Ricard, so her chances are better next to Heather and Deshawn. I think no matter who is in the Final 3 though, she gets some votes. That jury would love for a woman to win and so would we.

2. Ricard. I know you’re probably saying HUH? Ricard is 2nd? But hear me out. Ricard did THE MOST. As in too much. His wins were impressive. And so were his reads on the game and the people. But if you have to win your way to the end, that means you’re not exactly a well-rounded player. That means you’re just good at competitions and have some luck on your side. When you compare his game to Xander’s, that’s when you really decide Ricard is maybe half a point lower than Xander.

Can Ricard win? Absolutely. The only player who might give him a challenge is Xander. But I think even the jury won’t see it how I’m seeing it and Ricard would likely still beat Xander.

1. Xander. Not only was Xander the unlikely underdog (guys cast like Xander are usually out on top from the start), but he turned his whole game around. He went from Target No. 1 to finding himself in the Final 5. And he could have been blindsided a ton of times, but every week they just assumed he was going to play his idol, because Xander played the strategy game heavily. That’s why I think he nudges out Ricard. Xander won some stuff, too, but his strategy has been the best of this final 5. So I think that makes him the most well-rounded. And how many people can say they made it to the end with an idol they didn’t need to use? Last night was the last time he could use his idol and he didn’t even use it – once again for strategy. He can use that on his endgame resume.

Can Xander win? Yes. I think Xander can beat everyone, but maybe Ricard. And even that is possible is Xander can sell his story at the end. And I think he can. He has been much better with his relationships than Ricard as.

I want to say again that it wasn’t easy deciding on the first and second spots. Just know that it was virtually a tie, but I think Xander’s social game and strategy outrank Ricard’s.

How would you rank the Final 5 and who do you think should be the Survivor 41 winner?


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