Survivor Results: Who Was Voted Off Last Night? 3/8/2017

Ready to find out who was voted off last night in the season premiere of 2017’s Game Changers featuring 20 returning castaways (meet the Survivor 2017 cast here)? Former losers or winners, and there are several of the latter, Jeff Probst is confident these are the people who have the guts to make it happen. Now it’s time to see if he’s right.

Jeff Probst at Survivor Tribal Council
Jeff Probst at Survivor Tribal Council – Source: CBS

We’re picking up with the Survivor 2017 castaways as they’re brought in to the Fiji shores of Mamanuca Islands while Jeff explains what’s brought them together and who they’ll be teaming up with in the two tribes on Survivor Game Changers: Mana and Nuku. Next up: everyone overboard!

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The castaways have just a few minutes to grab everything they can from the ship before leaping over to their raft. But wait, there’s more. Both tribes have the chance to race out to a nearby buoy and be the first team to release their own buoy to claim a major toolkit to take back to camp.

Ozzy immediately goes for the toolkit while Mana ignores it until Caleb finally joins him, but it’s likely too late. Yep, Ozzy gets the toolkit for Nuku. Back on the boat Sierra finds a “secret advantage” envelope on the ground and puts that in her back pocket.

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As Mana settles in to figure out where to build their camp Tony announces he’s going to go looking for the Idol then takes off squealing in to the jungle. Surprised to find no one is fooling him he starts his search and that’s got tongues wagging back at the Mana camp on whether or not he’s a risk they can keep.

Over at Nuku the toolkit is opened and they’ve got a hammer, nails, a rake, and it’s filled with lots more. We’re also finding out the “secret advantage” for Sierra will grant her immunity at either 13 or 6 castaways left. If she’s voted out before she can use it then she must gift it to another castaway.

Tony has evolved his Spy Shack to the “Spy Bunker.” Yes, he’s going to try underground this year. Troyzan caught him digging and word quickly spread so yeah, that might not work as well this time around for Tony. Mana starts discussing either getting rid of Tony or Caleb, but Caleb gets some cover as several resists that idea being suggested by Ciera.

Immunity Challenge – Round 1:

After settling in at camp the Game Changers castaways will meet up for their first Immunity Challenge combined with the first reward of the season. The tribes will each send seven of their castaways out in to the water on a raft before all racing back to the beach. There the remaining three castaways will wait to assemble a puzzle with the first tribe finishing earning Immunity and this week’s reward. The losing tribe gets a date night with Jeff back at Tribal Council.

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Jeff also takes this opportunity before the challenge starts to reveal the Tribal Council vote twist. He explains there will be no re-votes this year at TC. If there’s a tie then they can debate in search of a unanimous agreement, but if that doesn’t happen then they’ll go straight to drawing rocks.

Nuku takes a nice lead after Ozzy takes on the task of racing out to retrieve the keys they’ll need later. He’s up against Hali who can’t keep up with his speed in the water. Mana finally catches up as the two tribes are digging and soon even takes the lead but it doesn’t last long as Nuku advances to the final puzzle.

Nuku Wins Immunity!

Someone is about to be voted off, but it won’t be anyone at Nuku. Mana now has to figure out who needs to go first.

Tribal Council – Round 1:

Mana has settled on Ciera as their target and talks revealed she was the one tossing around targets. The group tells Ciera that it’s going to be Michaela, but that does not go over well with Michaela at all and she gets worked up wanting that to change before they head to Tribal Council.

Jeff reveals the votes: Michaela, Ciera, Ciera, Ciera, Ciera, Ciera, Ciera.

Ciera Eastin is voted off Survivor

See how each castaway voted in the first round’s Tribal Council:

Now on to the night’s second round of events with another challenge and Tribal Council ahead!


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