Survivor Results: Who Was Voted Off Survivor Last Night? 3/15/2017

We’re back with Survivor 2017 results revealing who was voted off last night after the Tribe Shuffle gives us three new groups among the eighteen remaining castaways.

Jeff Probst at Survivor Tribal Council
Jeff Probst at Survivor Tribal Council – Source: CBS

Plenty of drama this week with the tribes changing and the fallout from that back at the camps as the old alliances and tribes face off against their new allies in a bid for control.

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Things start off with the Tribe Shuffle as castaways drop their old Buffs and pick new ones from Jeff.

Tavua (Green) – New: Troyzan, Andrea, Cirie, Sarah, Zeke, and Ozzy
Nuku (Blue): Michaela, JT, Sandra, Malcolm, Jeff, and Aubry
Mana (Red): Caleb, Hali, Debbie, Tai, Brad, and Sierra

The new, green tribe has to start over from scratch with not even a shelter waiting for them at the new camp. Everyone heads back to camp as Malcolm is thrilled to discover he’ll now have Nuku’s toolkit that Ozzy earned but has now lost. Oops!

A little Idol drama as JT took his new tribe out a half mile then when there’s a chance he offers to go back and get pliers to repair the spear. Back at camp JT is looking all over, digging, and even going through bags. It doesn’t take long for the rest of his tribe, all from the former Mana, to figure out what he’s up to, but they’re not worried with their 5-1 advantage.

Over at the new tribe, Tavua (green), we’ve got Troyzan on the outs and he knows his time is limited. While out on the beach grabbing palm branches Troyzan spots a bottle with a message inside telling him where to find a surprise Idol. We’re about to see if he can pull off getting the hidden Idol during the upcoming challenge.

Okay, now for the goat drama that had some people worked up. Nuku catches a mom and baby goat, but the tribe agrees they won’t kill either of them. The group votes to release the goats and eat the chickens instead. So no need to worry about the goats.

Immunity Challenge:

Tonight’s Immunity Challenge is “Austin’s Environmental Obstacle Course” and features each of the three tribes being split in to trios. First three will be tethered together and have to run across the obstacle course while bringing water to fill a bucket and lower the large gate. The second group of three will assemble a board puzzle. First two teams to finish will be safe this week.

Don’t forget that we’ll get the chance for Troyzan to nab an Immunity Idol at this challenge. It’ll be bundled up under the puzzle table and he’ll have to sneak in to find it without being spotted. Yikes! Troyzan says he’s a little nervous but he’s on the puzzle side of things and will be right up there by it to try.

Tribes are playing for Immunity plus the first team done gets a tarp plus the choice of either a hammock or spice kit. The second place team gets whatever item is leftover. Last place gets nothing.

Nuku and Tavua are doing well here as Mana is trailing the other two. Everyone is caught up at the gates and Nuku takes a small lead and starts working on their puzzle. Tavua is there second with Mana last to the puzzle. Tavua actually ends up the last to the puzzle because Troyzan struggled to complete his part, untying the board bundles.

Nuku Wins Immunity!

It’s now a narrow race as Tavua messes up their attempt and Mana closes in. They recover just in time and beat Mana.

Tavua Wins Immunity!

As the tribe celebrates Troyzan kneels and acts like he’s exhausted but instead unties the Hidden Idol and stuffs it in his shorts. Success for Troyzan! I don’t think anyone saw him.

Mana has lost the challenge and will go to Tribal Council tonight. One of these castaways will be voted out. Is it going to be the obvious Caleb or Hali as the outsiders on the tribe?

Tribal Council:

The debate went back and forth over Caleb or Hali, as expected. Some of Tai’s allies are nervous about the past friendship between Tai and Caleb, but they’re also worried that getting rid of Caleb would only weaken them further. It’s time to make their choice.

Jeff reveals the votes: Caleb, Hali, Caleb, Caleb, Caleb.

Caleb Reynolds was voted off Survivor!

Well dang, I was rooting for Caleb to go far this season as he’s a former Big Brother Houseguest, but the rumors were true. His game is over.

What did you think of the Survivor 2017 results? Did the tribe make the right choice in their votes? Share your thoughts below!

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