Survivor Results: Who Was Voted Off Survivor Last Night? 4/12/2017

Another week, another castaway from Game Changers was voted off Survivor last night, but this was anything but a normal elimination. Back to two tribes there’s just one chance at immunity for the remaining fourteen castaways as we arrive at roughly the midpoint of Survivor 2017.

Jeff Probst at Survivor Tribal Council
Jeff Probst at Survivor Tribal Council – Source: CBS

Speaking of only being halfway through the game it’s time for the stress of the situation and the lack of basic necessities to weigh down on the tribes. Mana looks to be taking things rough and have sunken in to the doldrums of Survivor.

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At the end of last week’s Game Changers episode Sandra had just been voted off and that means Debbie has a new home with Nuku. Don’t expect Debbie to volunteer any info about her fun at Exile Island as she’s ready to keep that comfortable evening and the advantage she secured, an extra vote, as a secret until the right time.

Survivor 2017 Week 6 Reward Challenge:

Castaways will be working their tribes to unwind ropes to release a key, build a ladder, and then launch balls in to five nets. First team to get all the targets hit will win ten whole pizzas to take back to camp.

Nuku is holding a strong lead here as they’re already on to the net bridge while Mana is back climbing the fence. Looks like all those Mana tears may have been related to a big loss here with all that food.

Ozzy is already launching balls in to the net and has three of the five before Mana even gets one basket. Brad takes over for Mana after Sierra’s attempt but it’s too late. Ozzy hits the fifth basket!

Nuku wins Reward! The pizzas are theirs while Mana leaves empty handed.

Survivor 2017 Week 6 Immunity Challenge:

We’re back to the water as tribes will send a few castaways out to retrieve anchor buoy balls then spell out a special Survivor message. Second place wins a date night with Jeff where another castaway will be voted off Survivor.

Nuku is flying ahead of Mana as they’re struggling to get the buoys released. Nuku is already working the word puzzle while Mana still tries to find all the releases below the surface.

Mana has caught up and trying to figure out the puzzle. Michaela wants to try “shipmaster” while standing in front of two “O” buoys… Mana has it! “Metamorphsis” is strange, but maybe that’s related to Game “Changers.”

Mana wins Immunity!

Someone is about to be voted off Survivor, but it won’t be any of the Mana castaways.


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