Survivor Results: Who Was Voted Off Survivor Last Night? 4/26/2017

Game Changers delivered as we awaited the results of who was voted off Survivor last night from the remaining eleven castaways of the newly merged Maku Maku with just one spot of immunity.

Jeff Probst at Survivor Tribal Council
Jeff Probst at Survivor Tribal Council – Source: CBS

We’re seeing growing pains ahead for the merged tribe as Zeke was getting a little too big for his britches but looks like he might not be the only one as Debbie hopes to keep her momentum alive this week on Survivor 2017.

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Survivor 2017 Week 8 Reward Challenge:

Reward this week is a trip to a nearby scenic excursion with a picnic lunch. Castaways are split in to two tribes with five on each side and Michaela sitting this one out after no one picked her. Blue team has Andrea, Aubry, Brad, Debbie, and Sierra. Orange team has Cieri, Sarah, Tai, Troyzan, and Zeke.

Michaela is pissed off that she wasn’t picked, but there’s a “Secret Advantage” rolled up on the bench leg. So far Michaela hasn’t noticed it as she continues to shout at the competitors instead of scanning her surroundings.

Each team will be sending out players one at a time to cross the water obstacle course with a ladder/slide, net, and balance beam. Once everyone reaches the other side it’s time to dive down for the grappling hook to toss out and snag the five rings.

Blue has a major lead in the competition from nearly the very start as they’ve had one to one and a half legs advance over Orange. Blue has the hook and working on the five rings while Cirie is just getting in to the water to cross the course. And I’m here wondering why Cirie was picked over Michaela…

Blue finishes the challenge while Sarah has gone back to help Cirie finish the challenge. Soon the entire tribe is out there with her. Jeff calls it one of the most emotional moments of Survivor. Ehh, okay. I’d say this was a bad captain pick with Cirie instead of Michaela that contributed to a loss. Ahh, wait, Cirie was the captain, well I’m still surprised Michaela didn’t get picked.

Team Blue wins Reward!

So about that Secret Advantage, Michaela never saw it but Sarah did. She went over and pulled it off the bench while the group was gathering to ride back. Heh. Back at the camp Sarah opens up the scroll and discovers she can “steal” a vote from another player at Tribal Council. Sarah must use it before there are only four players left, so she’s got plenty of time.

Survivor 2017 Week 8 Immunity Challenge:

Individual immunity this week requires the castaways to balance a board attached to a rope while working to spell out “immunity” using stacked blocks. Drop your blocks and it’s back to square one.

Andrea and Troyzan were neck and neck in their race when Andrea drops her stack. Now it’s Brad up next behind Troyzan when he drops his too. (Brad drops, not Troyzan.) It’s all about if Troyzan can get back to the starting point… he does!

Troyzan wins Immunity!

Survivor 2017 Week 8 Tribal Council:

Heading in to tonight’s Tribal we’re hearing from the majority alliance that they want to go after Michaela, but Sarah is looking to flip. Then we’ve got Debbie going to Aubry who isn’t happy about the proposition. Oh wait, back to Sarah who thinks she could make F3 with Sierra and Debbie so now Sarah might decide to walk back her plans to flip. Well this should go well.

Jeff reveals the votes: Andrea, Debbie, Andrea, Debbie, Andrea, Debbie, Andrea, Debbie, Andrea, Debbie, Debbie!

Debbie Wanner was voted off Survivor!

Survivor Tournament: A New “Heroes Vs. Villains”

The Ultimate Survivor Tournament is a bracket-style game hosted by CBS in their All Access service that features fan-favorite castaways who span the history of Survivor. These 32 castaways are divided into two groups: heroes and villains.

Round 4 has begun, and will last for the next week. Every player has a chance to choose who will advance to the next round and who will be “voted out” of the bracket. The power is yours! Vote NOW and make your own Tribal Council pick!

What did you think of the Survivor 2017 results? Did the tribe make the right choice in their votes? Share your thoughts below!

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