Survivor 2018: Who Was Voted Off Survivor Last Night? 11/28/2018

Survivor 2018 returned last night for two whole hours. That means we got two of everything: two rewards, two immunity challenges and two Tribal Councils. So by the end of the night the 10 remaining castaways were cut down to eight.

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First up we get to see what everyone is thinking about that major coup at the last Tribal Council that left Dan out of the game despite playing his hidden immunity idol.

Idol Watch: Nick finds a clue to a new hidden immunity idol. He has to sneak out of camp while people are sleeping.

Reward Challenge

The teams look like this: On the orange team are Mike White, Gabby Pascuzzi, Christian Hubicki, Alison Raybould and Alec Merlino. And on the purple team are: Davie Rickenbacker, Angelina Keeley, Kara Kay, Carl Boudreaux and Nick Wilson. They’re playing for a Survivor picnic. Orange comes from behind and wins reward!

Idol Watch: Nick finds the hidden immunity idol!

Immunity Challenge

For this challenge the 10 players will balance on a narrow perch while holding a handle behind their head. Last person standing wins immunity. Jeff tempts them with a nachos and margaritas. If they want to take the temptation they just have to sit out of the challenge. Angelina, Carl and Nick gave up immunity for the food.

Mike and Davie are the first two out. Kara is out next (for seemingly no reason). Allison is the next person out. Only three remain. Gabby is next out. Christian and Alec remain. Alec drops and Christian wins immunity!

Tribal Council

It’s going to come down to Carl or Alec. So let’s find out who it’s going to be.

The votes: Alec, Carl, Alec, Alec, Alec, Alec, Alec … Alec is voted out!

Reward Challenge #2

The teams this time are: Orange – Kara, Carl, Davie, Mike; Purple – Angelina, Nick, Gabby, Allison. Christian has to sit out the challenge.

They’re playing for a cruise with fried chicken and sides and drinks. Orange wins reward!

Immunity Challenge #2

For this challenge, the castaways have to race over an obstacle, spin around a post and then cross a beam, collecting puzzle pieces. Then they have to solve the puzzle. First to finish wins immunity. Angelina sacrifices her spot in the game for them to get enough rice until the end of the game.

Davie wins immunity!

Tribal Council #2

This time around it’s going to either be Allison or Carl. Let’s find out.

The votes: Allison, Allison, Carl, Carl, Allison, Allison, Carl, Carl, Carl … Carl is voted out!

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Be sure to stay with us all week for more coverage of Survivor David vs. Goliath starting Thursday with our next look at this year’s Ponderosa as the people voted out during Wednesday night’s episode joins the others as part of the jury. Next week check back for our latest player rankings on Tuesday and any Survivor 2018 spoilers we can find!



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