Survivor 2018: Who Was Voted Off Survivor Last Night? 4/25/18

Survivor 2018 chaos erupted Wednesday night as everyone was left deciding how to make the next big move. Desiree wanted to flip on her alliance, but Laurel busted that up because she has a secret deal with the strongest members of that alliance (Domenick and Wendell).

So there was a lot of back and forth and dramatics this episode that ended in a somewhat shocking Tribal Council.

Survivor Reward Challenge Week 9

First up tonight we’ve got Jeff welcoming the tribe to the beach for their reward challenge. It’s called “Caged Tigers” and here’s how it works: By schoolyard pick, they will divide into two teams. One person will be left out and won’t get a shot at reward. Two players from each team will start out in their boats far out in the ocean. They will then race to rescue the other three players who are locked in cages.

Once they have successfully gotten all three players to shore, they use the keys that they gathered to unlock a large circus net that is covering puzzle pieces. They then race the massive puzzle pieces to the finish station where they will race to solve the puzzle. What they aren’t being told is that there are extra puzzle pieces they don’t need. Of course the team who finishes the puzzle first wins reward.

The winning team will be flown by chopper to a bluff overlooking the islands where they will be treated to a picnic. The winning team also will send someone from losing team to Ghost Island. And again, the one person who wasn’t picked gets no reward and no shot at Ghost Island. Harsh.

After the pick, here are the teams:

Orange team: Wendell, Domenick, Laurel, Desiree and Angela.

Purple Team: Michael, Sebastian, Chelsea, Kellyn and Jenna.

Donathan was not picked so he has no shot at reward or Ghost Island.

The orange team takes an early lead and holds on to it while purple struggles through most of it. And they never lose the lead and win reward! And they have to pick someone to send to Ghost Island. They go with rocks once again. And the person who draws the Ghost Island rock is Angela.

Ghost Island

Angela arrives at Ghost Island and smashes her urn. And she gets the game on message. She plays the game of chance since she decides her vote doesn’t really matter anyway. And all she gets is “no vote.” Womp, womp.

Hidden Immunity Idol

Donathan finds half an idol. But the other half is buried underneath the middle of the floor of their shelter. Jonathan goes and tries to find it, but people keep interrupting. Donathan finally finds the other half, but only after he had to tell about five other people.

Immunity Challenge

This week’s immunity challenge has them balancing a ball on a disc. If they drop the ball, they’re out. Last person standing wins immunity. That’s pretty simple.

Wendell is the first out. Then Jenna, Desiree, Laurel and Angela drop. That all happened in less than a minute. Donathan is out next, followed by Domenick. And it’s only been two minutes. Michael is the next person out. Only three remain. Kellyn is the next to drop. Sebastian is the last out, so Chelsea wins immunity.

Tribal Council

Desiree has freaked some people out after she wanted Kellyn out, but Kelly and Chelsea still want Michael out. So It’s going to either be Michael or Desiree, but most likely Michael. Let’s get to the vote.

The Votes: Desiree, Desiree, Desiree, Desiree, Michael, Michael, Desiree, Desiree… Desiree is voted out!

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