Survivor 41: Who Was Voted Off Survivor Last Night? 10/27/2021

Last night on Survivor 41, the drama kicked into high gear as the remaining 12 castaways faced a merge that can only be descried as a “new era” twist. How will this new merge twist effect their quest to become the Sole Survivor?

With the Ua tribe down to only two members, there was no way around a merge, or at least a swap. And it sounds like this merge is going to feel a bit more like a swap, but we will soon find out those details.

Now it’s time to find out how this swap twist plays out.

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First up we see what Shan and Ricard think about coming a tribe of two after sending Genie out. And there’s some tension between the two of them. Then we will be heading right into this tribe merge. The players will drop their buffs and will be drawing rocks to find out how this merge is going to impact them. Let’s get to it and find out.

The Merge Details

As we already know, this season’s merge has a twist, but what is it? Jeff Probst is going to explain that all to us.

Drop your buffs, Jeff says. And then says you’re not merged. He says for the moment, you’re without a buff and without a tribe. He says they have to earn their way into the merge. They will be drawing for two teams, and then take part in a challenge. The winning team earns their first proper meal, and a merge buff. And they won’t have to participate in the first individual immunity challenge, meaning they’re safe this week. The losing team will have the challenge and go to tribal. But everyone will vote. Oh, and two players drawing grey rocks will be sit-outs. One of those will be sent to make a huge decision.

So the rumor we posted about this week was absolutely true.

Let’s see how the two teams stack up.

Grey Rocks: Naseer, Erika

Yellow: Xander, Heather, Liana, Tiffany, Shan

Blue: Danny, Ricard, Sydney, Deshawn, Evvie

The Merge Challenge Winner: Blue wins!

And blue gets to pick who joins them. The other person will be sent to an island by themselves for two days. Blue decides to bring Naseer. Erika has to head off to Exile Island by herself.

Jeff heads to Exile Island to talk to Erika. He lets her know that she gets tremendous power. He tells her that if she wants, she can leave the events in the game the same, or she can go back in time and change history. She has the chance to reverse the challenge results from the day before. And she would end up with immunity along with the yellow team that had lost the challenge.

So if she wants to change history, she has to break an hourglass. If she wants things to stay the same, she doesn’t break it. That simple.

Immunity Challenge Week 6

The merged players are heading into their first individual immunity challenge. Who is going to be safe and who is going to be at risk of going home? Let’s find out.

Wrong, there’s no immunity challenge this week. That will be next week in part 2.

Tribal Council Week 6

Who will be the next person to have to say goodbye to their shot a $1 million and get their torch snuffed this season?

So who was voted out of Survivor tonight? No one! We won’t be finding that out tonight because this is a two-part episode.

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