Survivor Results: Who Won Survivor 2016 & Who Was Voted Off? 12/14/2016

The season finale is here as we wait to find out who won Survivor 2016 between the six remaining castaways with three Millennials and three Gen-X left from their original tribes.

Survivor 2016 Finale: Millennials Vs Gen-X

Which side of the battle will come out on top? We’ve still got a few eliminations as we work down from the F6 toward our final Survivors of the night with the Survivor Jury looking to add to its numbers before they make their big decision. We’ll be here with our live recap starting at 8PM ET so be sure to join us!

Buckle up because tonight’s Survivor 2016 finale will be moving fast over its three hour span. We’ve still got six castaways on the beach and only seven in the jury so that’ll need to be remedied quickly. Let’s see who heads to Ponderosa next and who makes it back to the live stage still waiting on Jeff’s big reveal.

And we’re off with Jeff taking us backstage to see the whole cast of Millennials Vs Gen-X gathered and ready to find out who is going to win. Jeff also lets us know we’ll get a tease of Survivor 2017’s Season 34 which we know will be returning players. So let’s get to it!

We start off with Jay lamenting his unnecessary use of his safety net Idol, but fear not, Jay fans. On his way back to camp the next morning Jay spots a special pink coconut and goes back for it to find the necklace waiting for him. Jay is back in the game.

Now it’s time to discover the Legacy Advantage for Ken since he made it to Day 36. Oh wow. This advantage guarantees Ken a spot in the F5 with immunity at the next Tribal Council. He’ll just announce it after the votes. With no other opportunity to use it this is a sure thing for Ken in the first round.

Survivor Immunity Challenge – Round 1:

The first Immunity and Reward challenges will be combined in to one event as the final six castaways will traverse an obstacle course and scramble to be the first to finish their puzzle on the other side.

So not only does the first to finish win Immunity at tonight’s first Tribal Council but they also get reward. They’ll be playing for the luxury of a juicy steak waiting for them back at camp. Hopefully it’s a cooked one.

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Jay is the first through the key combo and he blows it by not covering the numbers like he was supposed to. Everyone is able to use this to their advantage. Sheesh. David still manages to struggle with the provided solution but Adam is still behind him.

Jay still manages to have a small lead but it could have been a wider gap as everyone is here at the end working on their solutions. The lead is going back and forth between Jay and David… Jay drops his whole puzzle to the ground! David finishes and wins.

David wins Immunity.

But wait, there’s more! As Jeff describes that David will be picking two people to join him Jay announces he’ll be stealing the reward per the advantage Jay gave him. David looks stunned. Jay is quick to let David know he’ll join him for the meal and Adam will too since Adam gave him the power.

Survivor Tribal Council – Round 1:

Someone’s game is about to end. Who do you think it will be? Grab your torch and get some fire.

Ahead of the Council the talk was between Jay as a threat or Bret for his social game with the Jury. Adam is trying to decide while David is also swaying. Which way will they go?

Before the votes are announced Jay lets Jeff know he wants to play the Idol he picked up. BUT WAIT! It’s bogus! This is the fake one we saw in the preview that David created. I guess we’ll see more of it later. Jeff tosses it in the fire. What a great moment. So good.

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Jeff reveals the votes: Ken, Jay, Jay, Jay. That’s enough votes.

Jay Starrett has been voted off Survivor.

On to the next round of events for tonight’s episode…


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