Survivor Results: Who Won Survivor 2017 Game Changers?

Now we’re on to the second half of tonight’s Survivor 2017 finale and we’re down to the F4, but there’s another elimination to go before we get to the last Tribal Council of the season.

Survivor 2017 Finale: Immunity Challenge – Final Round

Here we go for the last time of Game Changers with Immunity back up for grabs. The castaways will race to collect puzzle pieces and build a lighthouse.

Brad leads, of course, but Sarah is right behind him. Soon Tai then Troyzan are off on the hunt as well. Now Sarah is leading strong as Brad falls behind after bad luck guessing at which keys to unlock the bags.

Sarah continues to lead with Troyzan, Brad, and Tai lag behind her. Sarah is off to get her third and final bag of pieces. But of course these puzzles can be the great equalizer.

Brad took the lead to the last challenge right at the puzzle phase but all soon caught up to assembling their lighthouse. It’s now between Brad and Tai… Brad just needs to figure out the combo to get the cap to the lighthouse…

Brad wins Immunity!

He has a spot to stand before the Jury for the final decision of the season. Amazing. We hear from Brad that he wants Tai gone for betraying his demands. Time to find out…

Survivor 2017 Finale: Tribal Council – Round 3

Brad and Troyzan want to vote out Tai. Tai is trying to convince Sarah to vote with him against Troyzan to force a tie and give them a make-fire showdown. Then both Sarah and Tai could get to the F3. That would require Sarah to gamble with her own easy path to F3. No way, right?

Jeff reveals the votes: Tai, Troyzan, Tai, Tai

Tai was voted off Survivor!

Our Final 3 of Game Changers: Brad, Sarah, and Troyzan. Who will win? Who deserves it the most?

Survivor 2017 Finale: Final Tribal Council

Jeff says they’re going to change things up this season and force the talks to address the three tenets of Survivor: Outwit, Outplay, and Outlast. Jeff wants them to shore up their game against those principles. Interesting.

Jeff reads the final votes: Sarah, Brad, Sarah, Brad, Brad, Sarah, Sarah, Sarah, Sarah

Sarah Lacina wins Survivor Game Changers!

During the reunion show Jeff plays the what-if game with Brad flipping to keeping Tai instead of Sarah. Sarah admits she would have voted for Tai as do 4 of the other Jurors. Brad would have had the other 5 votes. A tie. Jeff explains that in this case they would have sent Troyzan to the Jury where he confirms that he would have voted for Brad to win. Very interesting to hear how they’d resolve a tie in the finale.

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What did you think of the Survivor 2017 winner? Did the jury make the right choice in their votes? Share your thoughts below!

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  1. I’m going with Sarah too and I think that she has earned it so far. Will be interesting to see if anyone of the other remaining 5 make some big moves to change my mind.

  2. Yes! They had four good ones this year in the finale. Except I was Brennley.

  3. Ohh, Sarah didn’t leave her son for 30 days not to win a million dollars?? Heck, I didn’t know it was that easy. Some days I think I could take a 60 day break from these little stinkers. Sign me up for $2 MIL!

  4. Mick Kay. lol I’m DVRing so I’m out for the night. Got to be up at 4AMI won’t have a chance to see who won until tomorrow night, and that’s a maybe. Ya’ll enjoy.

  5. Cirie for a win, any win… four seasons and no win or idol, time for a win Cirie.

  6. I don’t have a favorite to win. It could be Aubry because she is the forgotten Survivor this season; Cirie because it is time for her to retire from Survivor; Sarah did leave her son for 30 days (eye roll) and she is trying so hard to prove she is a “game changer”, that they made a good decision choosing her to return; Troyzan because he has great hair; Tai…..

  7. Troy an for the win!!! He hasn’t pissed anyone off!!! Sarah and Brad have too much blood on their hands!!!

  8. Brad has individual immunity, Tai has 2 idols, Troyzan has his idol, and Sarah has the legacy advantage so yes if they’re all played then 1 person won’t have immunity

  9. My least fav of the 4 was the young girl. I actually liked the other young girl, Brennley more. She was on Gwen’s team. I never thought Adam’s final contestant would win, but I enjoyed watching him. I’m not so sure I would buy his music, though. Lauren and Chis both have really great voices. Different types of music genres, but I loved both. Nice to talk to you, Brenda. :D

  10. Chris lives approx 20 miles from me. I’ve been to his church before and he use to sing frequently. He’s a good guy.

  11. Watching my DVR usually a day late. Lots going on. I’ve been reading threads off and on. Are you upset about Jr.? Blaney is looking good. My guy, Edwards, is gone, too. Just not the same, but I like Johnson and am taking a shine to Blaney. Sorry, you’re trying to watch the show. Nice to hear from you, Sir.

  12. It will be a cast of all new players next season (season #35) followed by another version of fans vs favorites for season #36.

  13. So basically if Sierra wasn’t an idiot and gave her legacy advantage to Brad (instead of Sarah who voted her out), Sarah would’ve been gone

  14. Since my favs are gone, for some reason I don’t want Tai to win nor do I want Sarah to win. Any of the others, I honestly couldn’t care less.

  15. That Tribal Council reminded me of Oprah — you get an idol and you get an idol and you get an idol….

  16. Maybe not a bad move voting Aubrey, lets Brad continue to think he’s controlling him. Would be interesting to see what he does if Brad does not win immunity next round

  17. At the Top 8, I liked & rooted for half of the people still left.
    Andrea, Michaela, Cirie, & Aubry

    Now here we are at the Top 4 with none of them left. Hooray. :/

  18. Those two, Brad/Troyzan has to win ‘immunity idol, or one of them will go. Game wise one of them have to go.

  19. If Sarah’s sent home I’ll be upset. She’s the only one who deserves it. Brad, Troyzan, and Tai? eh….

  20. I really didnt think I would like this season but it turned out good. Guys and gals see ya with BB. Babysitting and have to get them ready for bed.

  21. I don’t believe it’s gonna happen. (tie vote)..They’re dramatizing this..I hope I’m wrong.

  22. Oh well! Good try Tai. Officer Sarah, time to make your biggest game changing move and win!

    Even Troyzan, just not Brad.

  23. Well, Troyzan did nothing.
    So that leaves me with ‘Not Brad”.
    So I guess I have to be for Sarah.

  24. Now I’m curious of Sarah’s argument to the Jury why she deserves to win. Brad is bragging about his lawyer skill..Let’s see. I’m kinda rooting for Sarah. lol

  25. oh, he doesn’t need the money, heck! You won making it this far, now excuse yourself! Or, if he wins, is he donating it?

  26. If Sarah didn’t have that damn advantage from Sierra she would have gone. If Sierra just gave it to Brad. And then it’s possible Cirie wins the season.

  27. I’ve heard something, Karen. Its called something like “Healers, Hustlers, Heroes”

  28. Not sure about the changes, but I like the ‘sort of a ‘guideline’ Probst is explaining about judging their game.

  29. I suppose making it clear on how they are suppose to vote, based on outwit, outlast, and outtheotherthing, not just personal… It’s a game!

  30. Is that healthy? Everyone hates bitter juries, but who is to quantify what a ‘good game’ looks like?

  31. Sarah did screw over every single one of them, it feels like. But the jury hated Tony and he won, so I think sometimes bitter juries still acknowledge when the person they hate played well.

  32. Did everyone leave early? I missed everyone :( this season my schedule has really messed with me being around.

  33. I will give him props.
    He knew that he had no shot, so he owned it and said what he felt.

  34. He and Brad could revel on being in the elite survivors who won 5 immunity challenges in one season. Hope he also enjoys being the survivor who played the most days.

  35. I don’t agree with Julia. This format actually reminds the Jury what/where to base their vote. The open deliveration discourages ‘bitter Jury.

  36. Enough with Cirie, I don’t get it, enough with her already, never won a challenge, her social game only starts happening towards the end with less ppl then u realize she’s there

  37. I like her. I like her story too. From sitting on the couch and thinking that one would never have a shot, to actually doing it.
    The rewards are most always worth it.

  38. So Matt, once again, thanks for your work on Survivor. Enjoy reading your summaries and enjoy the discussion. Well done!

  39. Too bad Cirie was voted out in a horrible way. I was rooting for her to win.
    I honestly couldn’t stand Sarah and Brad in this game, but they both played a great game. She was better at socializing and that’s why she won and not him.
    Next season. New players seems great. I can’t wait.

  40. It is finally over. I forgot all about it until is was refreshed again. I just didn’t like Zeke at all.

  41. She asked so many questions. Please don’t bring her back. Ever!!! Another nutcase.

  42. I love the new format and hopefully it will continue in the future. I hate the one on one questions ever since annoying Sue.

  43. “If”… but Sarah had the foresight to know she would need it, and made a pretty outstanding play to get it. It’s not like it fell into her lap by chance. I like Cirie but there was a reason she didn’t have any advantages or idols – she didn’t play well enough to get any. She also had a few big slip ups with her social game in the ep where she tried to play Sarah’s other advantage.

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