Who Is Left: Survivor 2018 Ghost Island Week 05

Last week on Survivor 2018, we saw basically a repeat of the week before as Malolo lost the challenges and headed back to tribal where the minority half of the alliance was targeted. This time it was super fan Stephanie who saw her torch snuffed.

So now that we’re down to 15 castaways, and a tribe swap coming, let’s take a look at who currently remains on Survivor Ghost Island.

Survivor 2018 Cast: Naviti Tribe (Purple)

Domenick Abbate: Domenick remains in a solid position as he has the hidden immunity idol and the legacy advantage in his possession.

Wendell Holland: Wendell, would appear to be on the outs on paper, but he’s got some extra support in Donathan and Laurel.

Donathan Hurley: Donathan continues to sit pretty, and has used his social game to his advantage. Will he be bale to keep that up in a new tribe coming this week?

Laurel Johnson: Laurel has proven to be a pretty smart player. It’s going to be interesting to see how she adapts to the shakeup this week.

James Lim: James continues to redeem himself week after week, leaving behind the week one fiasco.

Chris Noble: Chris is definitely pretty much everyone’s number one target, but he’s going to benefit his tribe until merge.

Angela Perkins: Angela, I think is the one most at risk by being close to Chris. Of course the tribe swap could reposition her. That could be the best thing for her game, actually, unless she ends up on the same tribe as Chris again.

Libby Vincek: Libby went from flying under the radar to a threat, and back to flying under the radar again. I think she could use her likability to her advantage in the coming weeks.

Survivor 2018 Cast: Malolo Tribe (Orange)

Desiree Afuye: Desiree is finally getting more screen time and is proving herself to be a good Survivor player. It’ll be fun to see how she plays the game going further.

Kellyn Bechtold: Kellyn has established herself as a pretty smart player also. I thought she made a bad decision on Ghost Island the other week, but it turns out she made one of the better moves of the season so far.

Jenna Bowman: I know who Jenna is now, and I give her a little more credit now that I saw her use her flirting skills to try to not be the one sent home. It worked. Or at least the edit made it appear to have helped some.

Bradley Kleihege: Bradley is still cocky, and he’s giving himself the villain story arc, but so far what he’s doing is working. But in the long run, it might not work out for him because he’s been too open about his way of playing the game.

Sebastian Noel: Sebastian is one of those guys that is useful to his tribe and will not be seen as a major threat until after merge, I think.

Chelsea Townsend: Chelsea is now officially the one female who hasn’t really been a part of any major edit in the show. Either she’ll step out of the shadows soon or just lay low until she accidentally gets send home one week.

Michael Yerger: Michael was clearly one of the biggest targets on his tribe, and he was feeling pretty defeated, so this tribe swap coming up might be what he needed to buy himself some more time.

Voted off:

Stephanie Johnson Voted off Week 4

Brendan Shapiro Voted off Week 3

Morgan Ricke Voted off Week 2

Stephanie Gonzalez  Voted off Week 1

Jacob Derwin Voted off Week 1

Who are your favorite players this season? Who do you expect to go home next time on Survivor 2018?


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