Survivor 2018: Power Rankings Week 5

Last week on Survivor 2018 we saw one of the stronger female players fall victim to Tribal Council, but not many other players’ games were that effected, so this week’s player rankings will look a lot like last week’s except for a couple huge leaps.

Of course after this week’s tribe swap, everything will likely change, so this is all just based on what we saw last week.

The criteria for the rankings include how well players have performed during challenges, alliances they’ve formed and any strategy we’ve seen. Any powers they’ve obtained also come into play. I don’t give a lot of weight to who may or may not be a target (this isn’t who is most likely to not go home next, so keep that in mind). Let’s get to it.

Survivor 2018 Ghost Island Power Rankings Week 5

1. Chris Noble. Chris make the biggest leap this week. He went from No. 14 to No. 1. And I decided to do this because I realized I was keeping him so low on the list because he’s definitely a target that will be sent home the first clear chance they get. But they have to get the chance first. He’s been such a competition beast that he has kept his tribe safe week after week. And watching him use his social skills to completely change Donathan’s mind on him was pretty impressive.

2. Donathan Hurley. Chris stole the No. 1 spot from Donathan, but he holds on to this second spot very deservingly. He has done his part in competitions and he has others eating out of his hands as far as his social game goes.

3. Domenick Abbate. Domenick moves down a notch, but he’s still in a good place with his hidden immunity idol and his legacy advantage. It looks like the feud with Chris hasn’t gone away, though, so one of them could be in trouble coming up.

4. Kellyn Bechtold. Kellyn holds onto the best spot for the female players. And I don’t want to make this about gender by any means, but most of the women just aren’t playing the game. Kellyn has proven that she is playing and doing so very wisely.

5. Jenna Bowman. Jenna makes the second biggest leap this week. She went from “WHO?” status to Top 5. That’s quite the feat. She really worked herself to safety by flirting with Sebastian. She was the definite target over Stephanie for a bit and here she is. And now, with the tribe swap coming up she might no longer be in a minority.

6. Laurel Johnson. Laurel is holding her own in the game also. She’s very woke to what’s going on with Chris and the tribe and if she has anything to do with it, he will be out as soon as she gets the chance.

7. Bradley Kleihege. The resident villain of the season stays strong in the middle. I’d like to put him higher just for the fact that he gets his way every time, but he’s not being very subtle about how he’s playing the game and that’s going to come back and bite him. For that reason alone, I can’t place him higher. But I’m enjoying his game.

8. James Lim. James holds steady  because not a lot happened with him last week. He is a solid player, though, and seemingly no one’s target at the moment. He’s doing a good job of keeping it that way.

9. Wendell Holland. Wendell keeps lucking out with tribe swaps and with one coming up once again, it could be to his benefit. He was starting to look like a possible candidate to be voted off with his tribe, but that might change this week.

10. Sebastian Noel. Sebasitan continues to keep a low profile unless it comes to challenges. He has proven beneficial to his tribe and I think people aren’t ready to let him go yet, so he has himself in a pretty nice position for now.

11. Desiree Afuye. Desiree is doing a good job of taking it all in and I think she’s building up her game and will be unleashing it very soon.

12. Chelsea Townsend. There’s still not much to say about Chelsea, which means she’s doing something right, even if it is currently coming off as kind of a non-player.

13. Libby Vincek. Libby remains a hard one to rank. I just don’t know what to think of her. She isn’t a threat and seems like as sweet girl, but she was almost voted out the other week. I don’t think she’ll get to far in the game because people could see her as someone who could get the votes to win in the end.

14. Michael Yerger. Michael proved his worth this past week and managed to shift the target onto one of his allies. Sure that puts him down an ally, but better them than him, no? At any rate, he jumped up one spot this week and might have a better position after this week’s swap.

15. Angela Perkins. Angela falls to the bottom because she’s not really done anything in the game expect almost get voted out. She seems like a strong player, too. Maybe she’s just building up her strength and waiting to strike.



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