Who Is Left? Survivor 2019 Edge of Extinction Week 2

Survivor 2019 Edge of Extinction premiered last week and we watched as one of the 18 castaways this season had their torch snuffed before heading off to what we’re just going to call Extinction Island.

So technically 18 castaways remain, but only 17 are apart of the main game at the moment. Will Reem survivor the Edge of Extinction and re-enter the game later? We’ll see. But right now let’s take a look at who is left on Survivor 2019.

Manu Tribe

Dan “The Wardog” DaSilva. Dan was forced to start playing right way. He could easily become a target because of his clear alpha dog persona.

Rick Devens. I found Rick annoying, but he should be in a good spot in the tribe as a complete non-threat and kind of playing both sides.

Wendy Diaz. Wendy was almost the one sent packing last week, so she’s not in a good spot.

Lauren O’Connell. Lauren laid low which means she should be fine for a while.

Keith Sowell. Keith is the youngest player and it shows. He did make a pretty solid move when he realized he was on the outs though and sold out the “outcasts” of the tribe.

Chris Underwood. Chris is the token fit, hot guy that usually makes it to merge then goes right out.

Kelley Wentworth. One of the returnees, Kelley was an immediate target and looks like she might be a bigger one next week.

David Wright. Unlike Kelley, David isn’t seen as a threat despite being a vet.

KAMA Tribe

Joe Anglim. Odd enough for Joe, he’s being looked at as completely useful and needed on the tribe instead of the biggest threat like his past seasons.

Aubry Bracco. So since Joe isn’t seen as the biggest threat it’s Aubry getting the looks. And it didn’t help that Jeff pointed out how many days she played the game without being voted out.

Victoria Baamonde. Not a lot to say about her at the moment. We’ll have to see how she plays in the coming weeks.

Ron Clark. Ron found the Survivor Advantage Menu, so he has this week and next to play one of the advantages on the list.

Julia Carter. Not mush to go on with Julia either.

Eric Hafemann. Eric seemed to really help with the competition win, so he could end up being the first male target before Joe.

Aurora McCreary. She was quiet, but we’ll hear more from her soon.

Julie Rosenberg. Same thing can be said about Julie as Aurora.

Gavin Whitson. Gavin is the gentle southern boy that often does well in the game with their charm and loyalty.

Edge of Extinction

Reem Daly. Since Reem was the first voted out, she’s currently on the Extinction Island ready to fight her way back in the game. We still don’t know if it’ll be a head-to-head battle every week or if the eliminated players will all gather and fight their way back into the game at once.

Who do you think is going to do well this season? Who do you expect to get voted out next time?


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