Kass McQuillen has a Survivor Second Chance to finally win that million dollars after placing a disappointing third on Survivor Cagayan. If second place hurts the worst, third place is not much better, but this time around Kass has no intention of being a runner-up. She has only one goal in her return to the harshest reality competition on TV. Win.

Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance Cast Then & Now - Kass McQuillen (CBS)
Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance Cast Then & Now – Kass McQuillen (CBS)

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Kass McQuillen may be best known more for her personality on Survivor Cagayan than for her game play, especially since her tendency to rub people the wrong way might have cost her winning the show. Originally part of the Luzon (Brains) tribe, she quickly ended up on the outside when her fast friend and ally David Samson was voted out. She found another alliance to jump into, but ended up getting backstabbed by one of her own alliance members. Still, she managed to survive and keep wading through the muck week after week.

A Tribe Switch landed Kass on the Aparri tribe, and then merged onto the Solarrion tribe, where she started getting into it with alliance member Sarah Lacina. In a huge move, “Chaos Kass” dumped her former Aparri alliance members and ended up voting with the former Solana members, resulting in Sarah getting the boot off to Jury. Kass then ruthlessly helped to eliminate the rest of her former Aparri alliance members, and climbed her way to the final three. That’s where she hit a brick wall, however, in the form of Yung “Woo” Hwang, who refused to take her to the final two despite her pleas that she would be easier to beat. Instead, he took Tony Vlachos to the end, and lost.

On Survivor 2015 Second Chance, Jeremy Collins will be part of the Bayon Tribe (pink/magenta), along with Joe Anglim, Ciera Eastin, Andrew Savage, Kass McQuillen, Keith Nale, Kimmi Kappenberg, Monica Padilla, Stephen Fishbach, and Tasha Fox (also from Survivor Cagayan). (Full Survivor Second Chance cast list.)

Guess who will also be returning for Survivor Cambodia? Yung “Woo” Hwang, who refused to listen to Kass when she begged him to take her to the final two with him. That decision probably cost him a cool million dollars in prize money when he lost out to Tony Vlachos. We can’t see those two getting along so well if they happen to make it to the end together. However, it will be a while before we get to see any of that drama, since they aren’t starting off on the same tribe.

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Back home in the real world, Kass is an attorney and we certainly saw her use those arguing skills to her advantage in her previous Survivor run. The problem is, Kass also tends to be quite confrontational, and doesn’t have much of an inner edit button.

If they’ve watched her former season, most of the other Survivor Cambodia Second Chance cast members are going to know Kass can be unreliable, unpredictable, and entirely dangerous to trust when it comes down to it. That could put her at quite a disadvantage early on. However, there are four players in total from her season of the show (including herself, Woo Hwang, Spencer Bledsoe, and Tasha Fox), and if they did manage to get together as a strong alliance at some point, it could prove a powerful force in the game.

When asked what she planned to do differently this time around on Survivor 2015, Kass only had one word for Entertainment Weekly. “Win.” Kass is obviously a smart lady and she knows it’s probably going to be a lot harder for her to get to the finale than a lot of the other players.

Going into the new season, Kass said she planned to play “catatonic” and try not to make so many waves as she did last time. After watching Kass and her famous middle finger on Survivor Cagayan, we wonder how long that can possibly last.

We’ll have to wait and see if Kass can keep her chaos in check when Survivor Cambodia Second Chance debuts on September 23, 2015.

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