Survivor 2015 Second Chance cast member Yung Woo Hwang almost won Survivor Cagayan, and he has only himself to blame for likely choosing the wrong person to take to the final two. If he’d chosen fellow Survivor Cambodia cast member Kass McQuillen instead of ally Tony Vlachos, he might have been a million dollars richer.

Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance Cast Then & Now - Woo Hwang (CBS)
Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance Cast Then & Now – Woo Hwang (CBS)


Martial Arts instructor Woo Hwang’s most memorable moment on Survivor Cagayan is no doubt his choice to take ally Tony to the Final Tribal Council instead of Kass. He said later that he thought the other castaways would vote for Kass because Tony “had a lot of blood on his hands” and had betrayed a lot of the Jury members.

Unfortunately for him, it turned out that the Jury thought Woo was playing too much of a patsy to Tony by taking him to the final two. To add insult to injury, it was later revealed that Woo would have won the finale unanimously if he had taken Kass instead.

For Survivor Cambodia Second Chance, Woo Hwang will be part of the Ta Keo (green) tribe, along with Jeff Varner, Kelley Wentworth, Kelly Wiglesworth, Peih-Gee Law, Shirin Oskooi, Spencer Bledsoe, Terry Deitz, Vytas Baskauskas, and Abi-Maria Gomes. (Full Survivor Second Chance cast list.)

Woo Hwang will be joined by three other Survivor Cagayan cast mates on season 30 of the show, including the woman he ditched to take Tony to the final two, Kass. He won’t start out on the same tribe as her, however. He will being the show on the same tribe as former cast mate Spencer Bledsoe, however, which could give him a leg up on an early alliance. If, that is, Woo can get over that whole thing about Spencer calling him Tony’s dog at the end of their previous season.

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Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Woo Hwang said he has to decide whether or not he can “enter the dark side” to win on Survivor Cambodia. Last time around he “adapted to the gameplay” to get to the finale, but he did not “adapt who I was as a person.”

To actually win Survivor, based on the show’s track record so far, Hwang thinks you “have to get your hands dirty.” Now he has to choose how dirty he’s willing to get in his Survivor Second Chance in order to claim the final prize.

Watch to find out if Woo Hwang will go from runner-up to winning it all when Survivor Cambodia Second Chance debuts on CBS September 23, 2015.

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Photos: CBS, and Woo Hwang Instagram & Twitter