Survivor Results: Who Won Survivor 2015 Second Chance Last Night?

Immunity Challenge #2:
Castaways must race across a giant obstacle course to collect puzzle pieces from six different, scattered stations. The puzzle is solved by rotating a series of other pieces to make everything fit just right. It’s pretty cool.

Jeremy is tearing it up and has a solid lead but Kelley was smart to do the toughest station first and gets ahead to start working first. Spencer is way, way behind this time around.

Kelley and Keith are tied for the lead as they’re leaving everyone else far behind… Kelley wins Immunity!

Tribal Council #2:
Heading in Keith and Kelley put on a plan to fake an Idol and scare the other three. It might have worked on Jeremy who suggested to Keith they target Spencer instead. Hmm.

Votes: Spencer, Keith, Spencer, Keith, and… Keith!

Keith Nale was voted off Survivor 2015 tonight. The team of 3 stuck together.

Final 4: Jeremy, Kelley, Spencer, and Tasha.

Immunity Challenge #3:
Oh this one is cool. It’s a spiraling path for dropping balls that run through a course and then must be caught at the end. If any of the balls hit the ground then they’re out. Oh, and each castaway has one arm tied behind his or her back.

The balls are spinning and moving fast when… Kelley drops a ball! She’s out and knows what a mistake she has made. Tasha is out not too bar behind her leaving Spencer and Jeremy… Spencer drops a ball! Jeremy wins Immunity and is guaranteed a spot at the very end before the Jury. Congrats to Jeremy!

Tribal Council #3:
It’s looking like a decision between Kelley and Spencer as each warns Jeremy the other is his biggest threat for a win.

Votes: Spencer, Wentworth, Wentworth, and… Wentworth.

Kelley Wentworth was voted off Survivor 2015 tonight, just one step away from the final Tribal.

Final 3: Jeremy, Spencer, and Tasha.

Final Tribal Council: Jury Q&A
Lots of tough questions, but nicely no one seems too bitter at the final three. We’re hearing smart questions and what we’re seeing is driven more towards Jeremy and Spencer. Has Tasha been overlooked?

Standout moment is between Kelly asking the final three to pick a number between 1 and 10 and Jeremy revealing his wife is pregnant and it’s a boy (or was he just playing the kids/family card?). Either way, I think Jeremy just won Survivor.

Jeff reveals the votes: Jeremy, Jeremy, Jeremy, Jeremy, Jeremy, Jeremy! (Probst later confirmed that Jeremy received all ten votes.)

Jeremy Collins won Survivor Second Chance. Congratulations on a game well played.

We’ve had a great Survivor Second Chance season here with you at Survivor Fandom so thanks again for joining us. Next season of Survivor 2016 will kick off in February and we’ll be covering that here too so join us on Facebook, Twitter, and get our Email Updates so you don’t miss a thing.

By the end of the night we’ll have the finale results, but while we wait, who do you want to see win it all in their second chance run?


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