Survivor Results: Who Was Voted Off Survivor Last Night? 3/22/2017

Game Changers castaways were hit with this week’s twist as we waited to discover who was voted off Survivor last night in the latest episode of the 2017 season featuring all returning players.

Jeff Probst at Survivor Tribal Council
Jeff Probst at Survivor Tribal Council – Source: CBS

Last week castaways got the surprise Tribe Shuffle and this week host Jeff Probst has another surprise for them. Three tribes will be competing for Immunity but only one camp won’t be heading to Jury. It turned in to one incredible Tribal Council. Survivor drama ahead!

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So far Game Changers has been another solid season but it’s seriously early so they better keep up the pace and thrills. This week’s episode looked promising on that front so let’s settle in to see faces off at TC and who goes home.

Picking up where we left off last week on Survivor Game Changers, Mana had just voted off Caleb and kept Hali. She could be in a bad spot as the last outsider on that tribe if they end up back at TC. Meanwhile the other two tribes still have all their six members.

We’ve got two challenges this week with reward being played out by two castaways from each tribe in a bid to win coffee and cookies. Next all the castaways, minus two sit-outs, one each from Nuku and Tavua, will be playing for Immunity. It’s the return of the blindfolds and bruised legs challenge.

Reward Challenge – Survivor 2017 Week 3:

Two castaways from each tribe will work together to complete this challenge. One will balance a ball on a pole across an obstacle course. Along the way new additions are added to extend the pole to increase the challenge. Second player will use sandbags, released by a key from the first player, to knock down a series of pins.

First team to finish wins a tasty treat with coffee and cookies. Second place gets a thermos of iced coffee. I can’t imagine what a cup full of caffeine would do to these starved castaways, but I bet it’ll be fun to see. Can you imagine a jittery Tony?

Brad and Tai are playing for Mana. JT and Malcolm play for Nuku. Ozzy and Troyzan are playing for Tavua. Lots of restarts across the row for these teams as the first player has to go back if he drops the ball off the pole.

Tavua gets to the bamboo targets first with Troyzan throwing but Malcolm tossing for Nuku is just behind him. Tai is struggling to reach the end of his stage but finally gets there and Brad can start throwing for Mana.

Malcolm makes quick work of the targets and wins the main prize for Nuku. Now Brad is destroying the targets going against Troyzan even though Tavua got there first and Mana was last. WOW! A huge comeback for Mana as Brad tears through the targets. Tavua leaves with nothing and Cirie is in tears. It was a cup of iced coffee. You’ll be okay.

Nuku wins the big reward.
Mana wins the little reward.

Immunity Challenge – Survivor 2017 Week 3:

One castaway shouts commands to the blindfolded team working across an obstacle course. They’ll need to find and release a series of three overhead buckets before the team gathers for the maze puzzle at the end. Better hurry, only the first team to finish will win Immunity this time.

Troyzan and Sandra sit out for their tribes. The command-callers are Cirie for Tavua, Brad for Mana, and Varner for Nuku. Now on to the challenge and Tribal Council results…


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