Survivor 2018: Who Was Voted Off Survivor Last Night? 5/9/2018

Wednesday night on Survivor 2018 emotions were high as the eight remaining castaways were visited by their loved ones. Ready to find out who was voted off Survivor last night?

Keep in mind that there are still two hidden immunity idols in the game. Domenick and Wendell each have one up their sleeves. And someone else could end up with another power if the Ghost Island game is still a part of the show tonight. We haven’t heard anything about Ghost Island, so that might be over now.

So who is going to end up with immunity and will someone have to use their hidden immunity idol? Let’s find out!

Survivor 2018 Reward Challenge Week 11

First up for this episode, we’ve got Jeff Probst welcoming the Survivor 2018 castaways back to the beach for their reward challenge. This week’s challenge goes like this: The castaways will race from the ocean to retrieve a sand bag, then maneuver an obstacle course to get to the finish line where they will then attempt to land the sand bag on very small table. The first person to do so wins reward. They’ll be taken off to a beautiful spot where they’ll enjoy ribs, chicken, burgers, pastries and ice cream.

But Jeff sweetens the deal when he announces their loved ones are on the island! After ever gets to see and hug their loved  ones, the competition starts.

Everyone is figment hard to get this challenge. It’s pretty hard to keep track of who is doing what because everyone is neck and neck. Sebastian takes the first lead. Domenick finally catch up to Sebastian. But it’s Sebastian who wins reward! No one else even came close.

Sebastian gets to choose who joins him and his sister on the reward. He picks Domenick, Wendell and Donathan. And then Jeff gives Sebastian one more decision. Who will go to Ghost Island where a definite advantage awaits who ever goes? All they have to do is show up and they get an advantage. He can pick anyone, even himself. Wendell volunteers to go, so he gives up his visit with his father. And Sebastian doesn’t get to pick someone else to join them. So the girls who didn’t get chosen are not happy, and rightly so.

Ghost Island

Wendell arrives on Ghost Island to find out his advantage. He gets the same second chance advantage in the same challenge that Malcolm received in Survivor Philippines. So if Wendell drops the ball during the challenge, he gets one second shot. But he has to make it work, unlike Malcolm, who dropped the ball twice and was voted out that night.

Immunity Challenge

It’s time for the immunity challenge. For this challenge, the Survivor castaways will have to use two handles to balance a ball on the cylinder. If the ball drops, they’re out. Wendell, however, gets a second chance if his ball drops.

Kellyn is the first to drop her ball and is out. Angela is the next person out. The Wendell drops and has to use his advantage. Wendell drops his ball and is out. The curse has not been lifted.  In the final round it’s Laurel, Domenick, Donathan, Sebastian and Chelsea.

Sebastian is the next person to drop his ball. Then Laurel follows. Chelsea is the next out. That leave Dominick and Donathan. Donathan is the last to drop and Domenick wins immunity once again!

Tribal Council

So will it be Wendell? Or will it be Chelsea? Or Kellyn? It’s a mess, so let’s get to the votes.

The votes: Wendell, Chelsea, Wendell, Chelsea, Wendell, Chelsea, Chelsea, Chelsea. Chelsea is voted out!

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