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Survivor Recap: Blood Vs Water 2014 Episode 13

We’re down to the final two episodes of Survivor’s second Blood Vs Water season with six castaways left and someone set to leave tonight’s show ahead of the finale next week.

Survivor 2014 - Episode 13 'Make A Move' - Source: CBS

Survivor 2014 – Episode 13 ‘Make A Move’ – Source: CBS

Last week brought us the elimination of Alec after Natalie’s plan to target Jon fell apart with his Immunity win. Now she’ll have one more shot at taking out her revenge for Jeremy’s vote-out earlier this season. There’s also some promised medical emergency drama when Missy injures her ankle and contemplates leaving the game for medical attention.

Tonight’s show picks up as the final castaways return from Tribal Council where Natalie pulled a quick one and voted out Alec over Keith. Only Baylor knows the truth, but she’s keep her mouth shut, for now. Jaclyn, Missy, and Jon quiz Natalie over how this happened when they thought the plan was clear.

Natalie goes to Keith and explains to him why she voted out Alec. Keith agrees to after the power couple, Jon & Jaclyn. Now Natalie feels she has the pieces she needs to make another move against Jon. Well, unless he secures Immunity again.

Reward Challenge:

The six castaways are split in to two teams of three and tethered. They’ll have to cross an obstacle course starting with a huge hay pile and an over/under rail system. They’ll have to fill a bucket with water to lower a gate and reach a puzzle. First trio to finish wins a trip to a day spa.

Blue: Keith, Missy, and Jon. Yellow: Natalie, Baylor, and Jaclyn.

Yellow has a solid lead as Missy kept falling through the rails. Going over the teeter totter the first time we see Missy take a very hard fall on her leg. Missy reveals she twisted her ankle but does not slow down.

Yellow continues to hold their lead and has their bucket filled first and is on to the puzzle while Blue is still working on filling their bucket. There’s still time for Blue to catch up as Yellow works on the puzzle.

Lead schmead. Blue stages an awesome comeback and overcomes the HUGE lead Yellow had at the puzzle challenge. Sure enough, they get the win. Oh but guess what, Jon gives up his spot to… Baylor. Heh, I thought he’d give it to his girlfriend, but I guess he’s really worried keeping Baylor and Missy in their pocket.

Natalie volunteers to head off to Exile Island and leaves the pack. Meanwhile Baylor gives Missy a piggyback ride out of the challenge and Jeff asks to let him know if she needs medical. Yep, she will.


Keith, Missy, and Baylor are living it up with drinks and lots of food at their Reward event. Missy shows off her ankle and it looks bad. They test her range of motion and it’s not good. We’ll see more of this later.


Jon and Jaclyn start to speculate about Natalie’s vote-split error. They wonder if she did it on purpose (yep) and maybe they need to keep an eye on her in these final days (yep).

Immunity Challenge:

Immunity is back up for grabs and this is a big one! Missy hobbles in and Jeff says it needs to be addressed. Natalie arrives and Baylor has brought her a bowl of rice which brings Natalie to tears.

Jeff asks Missy about her ankle and she’s in tears too. Missy says she’ll try to do the challenge on one foot, but that’s clearly not an option from what we’ve seen in the preview. Jeff calls over medical before the comp can begin. The medic says it likely a very bad sprain, but it could also be a fracture which would require her to leave the game.

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Survivor 2014 Finale Date: Wednesday, December 17th

The Survivor 2014 finale date has been set by CBS for Wednesday, December 17, 2014. This will be the second straight season of a mid-week season wrap-up and we’ll soon find out who won Survivor Blood Vs Water.

Survivor 2014 Blood Vs Water Spoilers

Survivor 2014 Blood Vs Water Season Finale- Source: CBS

According to the CBS schedule, the two-hour season finale for Survivor’s 29th season will run from 8PM-10PM ET/PT with the usual Reunion show running a full hour after Jeff reveals the final Tribal Council results.

We’re down to just six castaways left with another set to be voted out this week and maybe even one medevac’d out after an ankle injury in this week’s competitions.

Baylor, Keith, Jaclyn, Jon, Missy, and Natalie all remain in the race, but several more will go before we reach the Survivor finale next week. Which remaining castaway do you most hope to see win Survivor 2014 and become the season’s Sole Survivor?

Stick with us for updates and posts as we close on in the end of the season. Join us on Facebook, Twitter, and by Email for even more news!


Survivor Spoilers: Immunity Challenge – Week 12 On Blood Vs Water [PICS]

Don’t move a muscle! This week’s Survivor spoilers deliver our first look at the Blood Vs Water Immunity as the remaining six castaways compete to avoid being voted off Survivor tonight.

Jon Misch competes for Immunity on Survivor

Jon Misch competes for Immunity on Survivor – Source: CBS

It’s a balancing act competition that requires each player to stand on a wobbly board and support themselves with overhead ropes hanging down. Once they’re in position the players will have a saucer and cone placed at the base of their balancing board. Any “off” movements and the dishes come crashing down on to the blocks below and they’re out of the Survivor Immunity comp.

Keith has proved to be an incredible competitor and surprised both me and a lot of his fellow Survivor 2014 castaways. I think he’ll have a strong chance at this one which could help Natalie in her pursuit of Jon. Could this be her chance to get him out? Check out the preview pics and see if you think they can pull it off.

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Image source: CBS


Tonight On Survivor 2014: Blood Vs Water Episode 13

Tonight on Survivor 2014 there’s going to be plenty of drama as we’re just days away from the remaining Blood Vs Water castaways reaching the season finale.

Natalie Anderson on Survivor 2014

Natalie Anderson on Survivor 2014 – Source: CBS

Six castaways are left on Survivor and someone has to go home tonight when they return to Tribal Council, but now there may be another reason: medevac.

In last week’s “next time on” clip we saw Missy had an injury that would require her to be pulled from the game for more examination. According to the CBS episode details, it’s an ankle injury and possibly one sustained during the Reward Challenge where we saw her crash against the wood structure. Despite all that, I do not expect Missy to bail this close to the end. I’d drag myself to Tribal if I was just days from the finish line.

Speaking of Tribal, Natalie remains on her mission to get Jon voted out and she’s going to be working hard tonight to position herself for that to happen. First things first, Natalie has to lie her way out of a corner after voting out Alec when their plan had been to send Keith home. Does she pull off her big blindside plans?

CBS could be teasing us, and I think we’ve all come to expect fakeouts from them, but the episode description says: “A shocking tribal council leads to one of the biggest blindsides of the season.” Hmm. What do you think will happen? Is it finally Jon’s time to go?

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Get ready to join us tonight starting at 8PM ET for a new episode of Survivor as we close in on the season finale. This should be good!

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Natalie Lies Her Way Out Of Vote-Flip On Survivor

Natalie just can’t catch a break on Survivor 2014 as she keeps aiming to get Jon voted off Huyopa before reaching the finale. Now after a surprise move at Tribal Council she’ll have to lie her way out of a tough spot.

Survivor 2014 - Natalie covers her vote-flip against Alec

Survivor 2014 – Natalie covers her vote-flip against Alec – Source: CBS

Arriving back at the Survivor camp, thanks to the preview clip at the end of the video below, we see Jaclyn and Missy confront Natalie. “Did Alec vote for himself?” asks Jaclyn. Oh, Jaclyn.

Natalie doesn’t admit to anything and chalks it up to confusion. She tells Jon and Jaclyn that no one came and checked with her so she just got confused and thought she was supposed to vote against Alec along with the two of them.

Baylor joins the discussion and keeps her mouth shut. She knows this is a lie, but no one else is picking up on the deceit. Looks like Baylor is keeping this plan secret from her mom, Missy, as well. Interesting.

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