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This Week On Survivor 2015 Worlds Apart: ‘My Word Is My Bond’

It’s Mike Holloway against the world, suggests this week’s Survivor 2015 preview clip as he has used up his Immunity Idol and has his back up against the wall.

Dan Foley on Survivor 2015 Episode 13

Dan Foley on Survivor 2015 Episode 13 – Source: CBS

With no where to go but Ponderosa, Mike will have to work fast and hard to stay on Worlds Apart. He knows his best shot is winning immunity, but as a backup plan he’ll start working the other final five castaways against one another.

In the clip below Mike is trying to convince Dan Foley that the tribe is out to get him while working on Sierra Thomas and Carolyn Rivera that the guys are going to flip on them if they don’t do it first.

We also get a sneak peek at this week’s Immunity Challenge to go along with what we’ve seen for the Reward Challenge this week.

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Survivor Spoilers: Worlds Apart Reward Challenge – Week 12 [PICS]

The Survivor 2015 castaways are ready for a reward and this week’s challenge is “For-Word Progress” with teams of three competing for some goodies to fill their stomachs as we approach the Worlds Apart finale next week.

Survivor 2015 Challenges: Worlds Apart

Survivor 2015 Challenges: Worlds Apart – Source: CBS

Two teams of three have Will, Carolyn, and Mike on Red with Dan, Sierra, and Rodney over on Blue. Yeah, I’m going to go ahead and guess Will anchors his team to a loss since there is movement involved in this one.

Teams race down a mesh net to climb up a cargo net and slide down a bamboo ramp. They’ll unlock a gate and hope through it to chop loose puzzle pieces. Those pieces must be assembled to form a Survivor phrase that leads to the Reward win.

Check out the pics below plus the video and then join us back here Wednesday night for Survivor 2015 as we live blog the new episode.

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Survivor Second Chance Cast Vote Details Revised

Initial details from the ongoing Survivor Second Chance vote revealed that CBS appeared to be mixing viewer votes with their own input to select who would be a castaway on Survivor Season 31. Now CBS has clarified and revised those terms of the vote.

Survivor 2015 Second Chance cast vote

Survivor 2015 Second Chance cast vote – Source: CBS

EW reported that they had previously been assured by host Jeff Probst that viewers would be picking the entire cast on the next season of Survivor only to have the terms and conditions of the vote indicate otherwise. They followed up on the confusion with CBS and found out what happened:

“A source close to the show informs me that the language in the terms and conditions was mistakenly added in by someone on the network’s legal team. The good news? It’s now gone. The text now reads, “The public will decide who from amongst the nominees presented will become the Fall 2015 Survivor cast.”

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Survivor 2015 Season Finale Arrives Next Week

Next week we will discover who won Survivor 2015 as Worlds Apart’s season finale arrives May 20, 2015 on CBS for a three-hour event featuring the final Tribal Council and the Reunion Show.

Survivor 2015 Cast - Worlds Apart

Survivor 2015 Cast – Worlds Apart – credit: CBS/Monty Brinton

Six castaways remain in the game after last week’s show and most of them are working hard to improve their rankings and stay there for the final few days for the divided collars.

All three groups, No Collar, White Collar, and Blue Collar, have managed to keep a representative player in the mix which is impressive considering Blue’s seemingly secured stranglehold on the numbers. Carolyn is there for White and Will is there for Red, but it’s Blue with the most with Mike, Dan, Sierra, and Rodney hanging on.

We’re hanging on the edge of seeing just how frustrating of a final three castaways grouping we could end up with and that’s going to be interesting. Will the Jury be voting for the castaway who played the best game or just the one they find the least annoying?

Just two more rounds of Survivor 2015 remain as we have Wednesday’s one-hour show before heading to the season finale on the 20th with two hours of Survivor action followed by the one-hour Reunion Show hosted by Jeff Probst.

Think you know who will win Survivor Worlds Apart? Get ready to find out!


Survivor 2015 Worlds Apart Power Rankings Week 12

Tyler Fredrickson became the latest Survivor 2015 Worlds Apart juror when he was voted out last week, leaving us with the Top 6. So let’s take a look at that final 6 and see where they fall in this week’s power rankings.


1. Carolyn. Mama C not only helped win the reward challenge and then won individual immunity again, she also still has the hidden immunity idol that should get her past the next Tribal Council.

2. Mike. Well, Mike has used this immunity idol, so he no longer has that going for him, but he has still played the best game of those remaining. So even though there’s a big chance that he goes out next, I think he still deserves this No. 2 spot. He saved himself last week and in turn sent Tyler out, who was definitely a contender to win the season.

3. Rodney. Even though Rodney can’t win much of anything, he’s managed to hang on and surely his time will come just win it matters, right? We will see. At this point, anything can happen, but I think Rodney has definitely played the game better than the three ranked lower than him.

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