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Tonight On Survivor 2014: Cagayan Episode 7

Time for more blindside fallout drama on Survivor 2014 when Kass’s betrayal earns her more confrontation back at camp. Was her move against new Aparri worth the risk?

Woo on Survivor Cagayan

Woo on Survivor Cagayan – Source: CBS

We’ve seen spoilers of the Reward Challenge and endurance Immunity Challenge so we can’t wait to see how those play out on the show.

Back at camp Kass is getting in to fights with Morgan now that Sarah is gone so that should be good for something. Though really I’m expectin Kass to be getting a lot of flak thrown her way after last week’s flip on her tribe that had the numbers. Go figure.

Then we’ll also get the “Mad Treasure Hunt” for the Hidden Immunity Idol (which yields tonight’s show’s name) with everyone scampering about the camp and jungle to secure this mysterious power. I’m anxious to find out just how powerful that is and how much it’ll impact the game. Any guesses?

Can Survivor keep the blindside streak alive another week at Tribal Council? I hope so! This season has been awesome and still has a lot more fun to deliver so stick with us and don’t miss it!

Join us tonight during the show for a live recap with Survivor results on who gets voted off this week.

Survivor Cagayan Episode 7 – Preview:


Survivor Spoilers: Reward Challenge In Week 7

Survivor 2014 - Reward Challenge Spoilers - Week 7

Survivor 2014 – Reward Challenge Week 7 – Source: CBS

We’ve got your Survivor spoilers this week for the Reward Challenge on Cagayan including pictures from CBS on the upcoming episode.

The remaining Solarrion tribe is split in to two groups. On the purple team we’ve got Trish, Kass, Tasha, Tony, and Woo. Over on the orange team you’ll find Spencer, Morgan, Jefra, Jeremiah, and LJ.

Castaways start at a floating raft then climb on a giant net that tips over and sends the players to a balance beam over the water. Once the castaways reach the beach they must carry a large crate over the sand to the next stage. The pics cut off there but I’d expect some sort of puzzle inside the crate, right?

Check out all the pics below and then we’ll add the video preview as soon if/when CBS posts it.

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Who Is Left On Survivor 2014 Cagayan In Week 7?

This week on Survivor Cagayan the old tribes continue to find their balance in the post-merge tribe of Solarrion. Kass has betrayed her team to punish a rival and now everything seems up in the air.

Jeff Probst on Survivor 2014 Cagayan

Jeff Probst on Survivor 2014 Cagayan – Source: CBS

A week ago it seemed reasonable that which ever tribe entered the merge with the numbers would have the greatest chance to rule down to the end. Kass saw fit to ruin that opportunity by turning on her own tribe and voting out Sarah. Now we’ll get to see where that lands them and her in specific.

So who is left on Survivor 2014? Let’s break down the tribe and see which castaways remain on the beach.


  • Tony Vlachos
  • Trish Hegarty
  • Yung “Woo” Hwang
  • LJ McKanas
  • Jefra Bland
  • Jeremiah Wood
  • Morgan McLeod
  • Sarah Lacinaeliminated last week
  • Kassandra “Kass” McQuillen
  • Latasha “Tasha” Fox
  • Spencer Bledsoe

This week puts the castaways’ focus on the hidden Immunity Idol and its potential for a new special power in the game. Everyone wants to find it, but who will get to it first?

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Next Time On Survivor 2014 – Cagayan Episode 07

Next time on Survivor, Kass continues to butt heads with the other women castaways and the hunt is on for the “Tyler Perry Idol.”

Morgan McLeod on Survivor Cagayan

Morgan McLeod on Survivor Cagayan – Source: CBS

Jeff teases in the preview that there’s a “war of words” between Morgan and Kass but it’s nothing like the chaos of a hidden Immunity Idol. We see the guys running around searching high and low plus a promise from Woo for some ninja skills.

We don’t know much about the Tyler Perry Immunity Idol other than Jeff called it a “Get out of jail free card” and that sounds worrisome. It’s also likely that the Idol was written, directed, and starring Tyler Perry.

Check out the pictures from next week’s Survivor episode below and then watch the preview clip to get ready for the upcoming Survivor show!

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Survivor 2014 Cagayan: Sarah Arrives At Ponderosa

Survivor Cagayan - Life At Ponderosa

Survivor Cagayan – Life At Ponderosa – Source: CBS

Sarah was voted off Survivor last night which makes her the first to arrive at Ponderosa this season, a dubious honor for sure. So how long did it take her to figure out why she was there? Not long at all.

Sarah quickly identifies Kass as the source of the flip but then starts digging in to her ability to be a mother and the impact on Kass’s daughter and all that. Come on, Sarah, it’s a game. Bad move or not, they’re all up for grabs without impacting your personal life.

On the other side of that she does give a lot of credit to them for catching her off guard and is very positive especially given her position in the game.

Once Sarah settles in to her resort life there’s a funny segment on getting to see herself in the mirror for the first time in nineteen days. She isn’t too happy that we’ve been looking at her in this state, but her first step is to grab the toothbrush and give ‘em a go. Oh that’d be on the top of my list too. Ugh that’d be nasty.

Check out Sarah’s full Ponderosa arrival video below and see what she had to say on the experience and what she thinks might happen on Survivor Cagayan now that she’s gone.

Survivor Cagayan: Sarah Arrives At Ponderosa


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