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Survivor Spoilers: Immunity Challenge #1 – Finale Week Cagayan – Update: More Details & Pics

The Survivor 2014 finale this week will feature three Tribal Councils which means we’ll have two Immunity Challenges to get there. Here are our first Survivor spoilers for what the final four castaways will face.

Survivor 2014 Cagayan - 3 Tribal Councils on Season Finale

Survivor 2014 Cagayan – 3 Tribal Councils on Season Finale – Source: CBS

CBS has released at least two commercials so far for the Survivor finale and both of those have contained footage from the first Immunity Challenge. We know it’s the first one because there are four players in the competition.

The challenge has the players perched atop a telephone poll and a small stand at the top. At first I thought it was just to see how long you can stay there, but in the second commercial we see the players rapidly pulling up a rope with a bucket of water attached.

You can also see climbing steps on the sides of each pole, so it’s possible the players are trying to work something up there and can climb back up if they fall, but I kinda doubt it.

If part of the challenge is “don’t fall off” then we can identify the final two players in this Survivor Immunity Challenge.

In one commercial we see Spencer falling off his post, but in the background there’s already an empty spot. Tony appears to be the first to fall and Spencer the second. If they can’t climb back up then that leaves Woo and Kass to compete.

Check out the pictures below and see what you think is going to happen in this week’s Survivor Cagayan Immunity Challenge.

Based on another picture we saw in the commercial some are thinking Woo is the next to go as we have a huddled shot of Spencer, Tony, and Kass sitting together. If that’s accurate then Kass won the first Immunity Challenge of the season finale.

Update: CBS has released more pictures of the F4 Immunity Challenge and it opens up a lot more details.

Seems the challenge is definitely not limited to just staying perched on the poles. Instead the players must lift up a bucket of water and fill the bamboo poles beneath them. From there they’ll race to the beach to complete a puzzle.

In that case it seems Tony could maybe be the first one done at the first stage followed by Spencer. Can Spencer catch Tony again this week like he did last time? That could explain how Woo gets voted out next if he’s still way back there while Tony and Spencer are at the beach stage.

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Survivor 2014: Tony Explains Voting Out Trish [VIDEO]

Tony’s decision on Survivor 2014 Cagayan to vote out Trish last week left a lot of people scratching their heads and wondering why he’d do such a thing. Now we get to hear directly from Tony on his decision.

Tony on Survivor Cagayan

Tony on Survivor Cagayan – Source: CBS

The choice to vote someone out is going to come down to whether this person could help or hurt your game. Trish was a very close ally to Tony and would likely have never turned on him. Keeping her in the game would be a smart move as it’s one less person to stab him in the back. But with just five people left in the game it’s time to start thinking about the Survivor Jury.

In a Secret Scene clip from CBS, Tony explains his Survivor strategy for voting out Trish. Tony knows that Trish is a locked vote for him as would be Woo. On the other hand, he does not think Kass would ever vote for him nor would Spencer vote for Kass. Considering the flow of votes Tony decided his best endgame move would be to send a locked vote to the Jury.

Considering the timing of this clip (before the latest Immunity Challenge), it seems Tony was ready to send Woo or Trish out last week and it came down to Trish since he became aware the others were moving in that direction. Too bad he didn’t decide to just roll with their votes and keep his in support of Trish to avoid her figuring it out, like she did at Ponderosa. Listen to his explanation in the clip below.

Tony explains his flip-vote on Survivor Cagayan:


Survivor Finale Cagayan This Wednesday

If you were expecting the Survivor 2014 finale tonight on CBS then you’ve got a little while longer to wait. The Survivor finale date is this Wednesday, May 21st.

Survivor 2014 Cagayan Finale

Survivor 2014 Cagayan Finale – Source: CBS

For the first time since the debut season of Survivor we’ll be getting the big finale event on Wednesday. Perhaps emboldened by the season’s strong ratings CBS decided to ditch the Sunday finale format and keep the season conclusion on its regular night.

That means Survivor will go up against American Idol for its finale show on Wednesday from 8-10PM ET/PT.

We’ll be here watching and live blogging the whole show so be sure to join us on Facebook and Twitter to get the latest updates as we head toward the Survivor 2014 season finale this Wednesday on CBS!

Survivor Cagayan Finale:


Next Time On Survivor 2014 – Cagayan Finale Episode 13

Survivor 2014 Cagayan Episode 12 Recap

Survivor 2014 Cagayan Finale- Source: CBS

Next time on Survivor 2014, the Cagayan season finale has arrived. One of the final four castaways will be crowned the Sole Survivor and walk away with a million dollar prize.

We just saw Trish, Tony’s closest ally, sent to Ponderosa which could leave him in a vulnerable state. His Idols have run out and he’ll have to get past this next hurdle on his own. Wait, make that possibly two more hurdles.

From comments Jeff made this week in an interview it sounds like there will be two more Immunity challenges leaving us with a Final Two instead of the typical three facing off at Jury.

Jeff confirmed that Tony’s Special Idol no longer works, but as EW pointed out, Jeff didn’t confirm that to the rest of the players, so Tony’s lie could work a little longer.

Who do you hope to see make it to the Jury vote in the Survivor 2014 season finale of Cagayan next Wednesday? Yes, next Wednesday and not this Sunday!

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Survivor Spoilers: Will Cagayan Have A Final Two? – Update: Three Tribal Councils Confirmed

We’ve grown accustomed to Survivor having a final three, but this season it seems we may be going one step further before the final Cagayan Jury vote.

Jeff Probst hosts Survivor Cagayan

Jeff Probst hosts Survivor Cagayan – Source: CBS

In an interview with Jeff Probst at, Jeff reveals there are still two more challenges ahead in the final episode:

As for the finale itself, still more surprises to come regarding how it finishes and two of the most exciting challenges of any finale.

With just four castaways left and two more challenges ahead, if they are both Immunity competitions then we’re looking at two more eliminations. That would send only two players to the Jury for their big decision.

We’ve heard rumors for awhile now that there’d be a F2 this season instead of a F3, but a lot of Survivor spoilers for Cagayan turned out to be wrong. Looks like this one could be true. What do you think?

Don’t forget, the Survivor 2014 finale is next Wednesday and not this Sunday night.

Update: In the latest Survivor promo from CBS it’s confirmed. Jeff announces “Four Castaways. Three Tribal Councils. Two Hours…” So yes, It’ll be a Final Two this season.

Thanks to reader JacinJax for the tip.


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