Survivor 2015: Power Rankings – Worlds Apart Week Three

Survivor 2015 was more of the same as the No Collar Tribe was back at Tribal Council last week on Worlds Apart while the Blue Collar and White Collar tribes enjoyed reward and immunity.

Survivor 2015's Tyler Fredrickson sits back & waits
Survivor 2015’s Tyler Fredrickson sits back & waits – Source: CBS

So let’s take a look back at last week with the third Survivor Worlds Apart Power Rankings.

Blue Collar Tribe

The Blue Collars continue to show just how strong their work ethic is. Even if there are internal personality struggles, they still get the job done when they have to.

1. Kelly Remington. This Blue Tribe is a tough one to rank because they’re all so stubborn and feel that they don’t necessarily need each other to survive. So I think Kelly just sitting back and taking it all in and not stirring up trouble puts her in the best spot.

2. Rodney Lavoie Jr. I think the fact that Rodney is taking on Mike is doing wonders for his game. The others are seeing that they might need Rodney around to take out the big threat.

3. Sierra Thomas. Luckily for everyone hating on Mike Sierra and Lindsey get to move up on the list.

4. Lindsey Cascaddan. See above.

5. Dan Foley. Dan is a tricky one. Everyone seems to hate him, but he had a good showing in the past couple of challenges, so his worth has improved. But he does keep running his mouth and making everyone mad, so he’s going to stay close to the bottom here this week.

6. Mike Holloway. I thought Mike was on top of this tribe, but things changed a lot this week. His my way or the highway thinking has really alienated himself from the tribe. And since they all think they’re their own boss and can handle everything on their own, Mike’s strengths mean little to them.

White Collar Tribe

Who knew this group could overcome that week one loss and actually work together to keep themselves away from Tribal Council.

1. Tyler Fredrickson. I think Tyler’s wits and people skills coupled with his physical attributes are keeping him at the top of his tribe.

2. Carolyn Rivera. She’s got the idol and she has so little to worry about, she’s not making herself a threat at all. She’s sitting pretty right now.

3. Max Dawson. Max is definitely resting in the middle right now. And when I say resting, I mean resting. I don’t think he’s currently on any radars. He should be good if they end up at Tribal anytime soon.

4. Joaquin Souberbielle. This guy thinks he’s on the outs, but I think with someone like Shirin around, he has quite the case to stay in the game.

5. Shirin Oskooi. I wasn’t sure if Shirin was being looked at as the perfect goat or a total waste. After this week I think maybe it’s the latter. Everyone seems pretty irritated with her and she’s not really contributing much to the tribe, so she lands at the bottom again this week.

No Collar Tribe

Ah, those free spirits. You just can’t hold them down, can you. They’re so free they can’t even get it together to win a challenge.

1. Joe Anglim. If Joe isn’t at the top of his tribe then they’re crazy. No way they could do anything at all without him. They already can’t win a challenge, so without him they could possibly just die.

2. Jenn Brown. The three youngest in the tribe are in control. So Jenn is definitely ranking near the top of the tribe.

3. Hali Ford. Like Jenn, Hali got in with the right alliance and is riding that wave, literally.

4. Will Sims. Will, who is basically worthless to the tribe, is lucky that Nina is an emotional time bomb.

5. Nina Poersch. She was voted out. Bye, Nina.

How would you rank the Survivor Worlds Apart tribes going into week four?


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