Survivor 2015: Power Rankings – Worlds Apart Week Five

Last week Survivor 2015 Wednesday was jam-packed with two episodes that included a tribe swap and two eliminations. At the end of the first episode, Lindsay was sent packing. Then we saw a tribe swap go down before the second elimination, a blindside, sent Max off the island. We’ve got two new tribes and a lot of new dynamics so let’s get into the latest Survivor 2015 Power Rankings.

Sierra Thomas on Survivor 2015 Worlds Apart
Sierra Thomas on Survivor 2015 Worlds Apart – Source: CBS

Escameca Tribe:

1. Sierra Thomas. After the swap, Sierra has become the swing vote. Both sides want her, and after the last Blue Collar tribal, she’s likely to turn on her previous tribemates, leaving them in the minority in this new tribe. She’s definitely in the best spot right now and will be able to decide which way she wants to go.

2. Joe Anglim. This dude’s got the golden social game. And he’s very valuable to any tribe he’s in. He’s great at camp and great in competitions. And he’s seemingly very appealing to Sierra. So if he gets her to flip to his side, he and Tyler and Sierra can run things.

3. Tyler Fredrickson. Just a little lower than Joe because of the obvious lesser social game, Tyler is definitely in a good spot as long as things go as I mentioned above.

4. Mike Holloway. Even though Mike is at risk of being in the majority, he’s not exactly the one most likely to go. Even though his previous tribemates were wearing thin with him, the new dynamics may be his saving grace.

5. Joaquin Souberbielle. Unless Joaquin is seen as a bigger threat than anyone else, I think he’s going to be OK this week. He’s not got a lot of game left in him, but I think for now he’s OK.

6. Dan Foley. This is where it gets tricky. I think Dan and Rodney are definitely somewhere near the bottom here. Again, it’s all about what Sierra does, but for now this is how I’m seeing things.

7. Rodney Lavoie. If the rest of the tribe see Joaquin and Rodney bonding, they could want to put a stop to that right away and I think Rodney will be the one to pay the price.

Nagarote Tribe:

1. Jenn Brown. Not only was Jenn close to the top of her No Collar Tribe, she’s eased into that spot in her new tribe. On top of playing a great strategic and social game, she’s now in possession of an Idol. And I think she’s a little too smart to be blindsided with an idol in her possession. But she could easily become a target.

2. Hali Ford. If it weren’t for Jenn’s idol, Hali could even be first right now. She’s not seen as a threat and is sort of sitting back taking it all in. And she is close with Jenn, so together they can likely run this tribe.

3. Carolyn Rivera. We saw Carolyn flip and push for Max to go and she got what she wanted, so she’s in the right spot at the moment. And of course she still has that hidden immunity idol.

4. Kelly Remington. Had Carolyn not flipped, Kelly would’ve been the swing vote, so that leaves her in a solid spot for the moment.

5. Will Sims. As we’ve been seeing week after week, Will is a very weak player, but he keeps slipping by. I think he is still at the bottom of this list, but still won’t be the next person to go.

6. Shirin Oskooi. She wasn’t in on the Max blindside, and everyone basically hates her. I think she has to be the next to go unless someone think she’s more useful in challenges than Will.


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